Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book Chat (6)...Bone Gods

Our Book Chat #6 continues with the next book in the Black London Series, Bone Gods.  The book was just released November 30, 2010.  This chat is being hosted over at Robyns' blog, The Bookoholic Zone.  CLICK HERE to go chat.

So I have to give warning there will be spoilers in the chat we are having.  Just beware there could be spoilers in the questions we post to start with and there will be spoilers in the comments.

But, if you couldn't wait long after release day to dive into this book, come join us in our chat!  We love having many people joining in.

If you want to read the chats on the first two books, just click the titles here and the link will take you to the chats:
   Street Magic
   Demon Bound

Hope to see you there!

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