Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interview, with Ryu! From Jane True series

We have an attraction for you today. He is the type to get your blood pumping. Please welcome today, Ryu the loving vampire with us today.

M:  Hello Ryu. How are you doing today?

R:  I am well, Melissa. And enchanted to meet you. *winks*

M:  Can you tell us a drop about you? Like where your from?

R:  Is that all you want? A drop? *winks again* I am from many places. Most recently from Boston.

M:  What do you like to sink your fangs into?

R:  Besides lovely ladies named Melissa? Oh, lots of things. I like to consider myself a Renaissance man.

M:  *gulp* *eyes wide* thinking: nah, not me...

M:  What brought you to working for the Alfar?

R:  They have their downside, obviously. But they're where the action is. And the money. Plus, I think I can make more of a difference working within the power structure than outside of it.

M:  *nodding head thoughtfully*  That does make very good sense, helping from the inside.
M:  It seems you have a very serious job there. How is work going lately? Are there many cases out there in the world of this stature? Seems like there are a few things to clear up with the elders and such, always a touchy issue there it seems.

R:  It is a serious job, and I take it seriously. But it's always an adventure, and you know I love an adventure, Melissa. *winks* As for the political aspect of my job, it's the biggest adventure of them all.

M: um...
M:  Your team seems like a wonderful and fun crew to have. Were they assigned to you or did you pick them? Seems like you all spend a great deal of time together. Do you?

R:  I handpicked my team. They're people I know, and trust. And yes, we spend a lot of time together. They're good people.

M:  It seems in this line of work you do get to see many different... beings? Would that be the proper term to use? Many of us may not even realize these beings are around. Have you always lived with all these people?

R:  Of course. I was raised entirely amongst my people. Obviously, my parents being purebred baobhan sith, we had to have a lot of contact with humans. But that contact was always . . . for specific reasons. Other than that, I spend all my time with others like me.

M:  Has there ever been that crazy case in which you just couldn't believe what you where seeing?

R:  I am very rarely shocked, at this stage of my life. Would you like to try?

M: *eyebrows go up* thinking: Ha, I'm not crazy!
M:  You seem to be very popular with the ladies. Do you mind if we get a little personal?

R:  *smirks* I would like nothing better...

M:  Do you ever have any troubles among the ladies, oh say with getting jealous or such?

R:  Let's just say there's an art to juggling. I can keep a lot of balls in the air.

M:  Do you think you will ever find the one, or keeper?

R:  *frowns* That's a hard question. There was someone...but it's complicated. *forces a smile* Why, would you like to try?

M:  mmm...
M:  Do you have a particular taste in women? Like personality, hair color, anything?

R:  I find confidence and sensuality more attractive than anything else. The rest falls into place.

M:  So, Ryu, you have been with Jane for a little while now. And it seems you really have a thing for her. What about Jane elongates the fangs?

R:  Well, I wouldn't say we're together. But she's a lovely woman. I think what I like most about her is she doesn't see her own potential... She could do great things, with the right guidance.

M:  What would you plan for a romantic date? Would you cook, go out?

R:  Cook? Really? I'd take you out. How about Friday? *winks*

M:  Just a few quick questions for you Ryu then you can get back to the office.

Favorite Color? Red

Picnic on the Beach or Formal Dinner in the city? Either, as long as the former is catered

Bath or Shower? Either, if it's with you *winks*

Favorite Holiday? Valentine's day, obviously

Rain or Shine? Moonshine
0ooh... moonshine, I like that answer. *smiling*

Just one hobby? I'm not sure you want me to specify, on your blog. *winks*
oh..oh, OH, yes. Thank you. *blushing*

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Favorite Book? Machiavelli's The Prince

Two legs or all fours? Me on two, you on all fours. *winks*

Thank you Ryu. *fanning self* We really do appreciate you stopping by to chat with us today. I hope you get an opportunity to stop by again some time.

Oh Ryu, what time Friday are you stopping by to pick me up?


  1. Wonderful interview! Ryu is such a flirt! :)

  2. Heh... *covers neck* (just in case with one of those answers there).

    Ryu, do you have something in your eye? *wink* You flirt!

  3. Please let us know how your date goes. I think he would be a hard person to interview, but definitely gave some interesting answers.

  4. Alexia - :) thank you for stopping by to read the interview. And yes, I wasn't sure at first with Ryu, but he really is a flirt! :) Thank you!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - See, I don't get winked at much anymore so I was very flattered! :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Luanne! Hey! Thank you for stopping by! :) I will definitely let you know how the date goes. ;D Glad you liked the interview. :) Do hope you are doing well and had a lovely Christmas.

  5. Oh my g!! Melissa you've got an admirer!=)

    I must admit. I like the other guy;s profile and attitied but Ryo also sounds like fun. It's great too see flirts like Ryu fall under the spell of The One!!!=)

    Now, I am curious.... Is Jane the one for him... Seems like the other dude has a thing for her!! Ooooooo.... so very curious!!!

  6. Chasity - LOL! :D So glad you enjoyed the interview. :) And the flirting that was going on, on Ryu's behalf. ;) I am curious as to how is the one for Jane, I have a feeling but that doesn't mean anything. Thank you!

  7. Great interview! Ryu seems such a ladies' man.

  8. MBreakfield - Hi! :) Glad you enjoyed the interview with Ryu. He really is a ladies man. Really knows how to knock the socks off. ;) Thank you for stopping by!

  9. I kept meaning to get here for both interviews, but it was so crazy over the holidays. What lovely interviews. You seemed rather flustered over Ryu's interview I must say:)

  10. Hi Brenda! So glad you stopped by. Oh and the holidays... I completely understand. Glad you enjoyed the interviews with Ryu and Anyan. :) And glad the flustered came through on the interview. ;) Ooo that Ryu...


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