Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Any Fantasy Challenges?

Are there any Fantasy Challenges for the up coming year, 2011?

Okay, yes. I'm cheating in posting this question instead of searching the blogs.  With the move I haven't really been on blogs since December 15th.  And yes, I'm really having troubles with withdrawal.  I really miss you all, and this world we have all created with books and such.  And now we don't have internet service as we built a new house and no one has the address in their systems yet.  So needless to say, I have to wait on the phone/internet/cable company to get their kesters in gear.  Yes, I've been waiting for about two weeks now and it is a sore subject for me as I've argued with a mean women on the phone already as I was told one time frame (a week) and now getting another story (a few weeks).

But away from that, I was hoping someone could point me to a Fantasy Reading Challenge for the New Year.  I know of one for Urban Fantasy I'm most likely going to join in on, but I love Fantasy reads as well.

So, can anyone help point me in the right directions?

Thank you all very much in advance for your help!

Maybe if there isn't a Speculative Fiction Challenge going, I should try to pull one together. :)


  1. There's a Women of Fantasy Book Club happening, which I'm participating in.

  2. I will be hosting a Redwall Challenge for 2011...and the Redwall books are fantasy, if you keep your eyes peeled! It just hasn't been announced yet haha ;)

  3. Hi Melissa! I'm glad to see you've survived the move. I'll let you know if I hear about any fantasy challenges.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great.

  4. Hello there! I have taken over the Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge from Book Chick City for 2011 - the sign up page is here:

  5. La Coccinelle - Thank you for all the challenge links. I'm going to have to think on these. They all sound great and I think I have books that will fall into these.

    Lisa (starmetal_oak) - Thank you for the link. I think I have some books that will fall in the Women of Fantasy and might have to sign up for it. :)

    Melissa - I had to go look up Redwall books. They look cute. I'd never heard of them before or read any of them. I might think on that when you post it. :) Thanks!

    Spinecraker - Hey! I'm still here, but need to make a trip to Chiropractor. The appointment is Friday. ;) (I planned ahead) But all is going great. Just need to get my internet back! :D Thanks! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

    Magemanda - Thank you!!! That was the Challenge I signed up for this year and want to do again. I will be over to sign up! :) Thank you!


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