Thursday, December 23, 2010

Now on Facebook

I finally gave in.  I don't know if this is a good thing or not.  Or if I will even use it much.  

But I now have My World set up on Facebook.  

This is my little book connection on the Facebook world.  I've heard many bloggers and authors are out there and thought what the hay.  I'll follow along and see what comes about from it.  So, if you are on face book and would like to follow or friend me... stop by and click the button.

Here's the link (I hope) to my little spot on the big Facebook world:
I'm listed as Melissa My World.

Hope to see you all there too!


  1. I'm following you now! I don't use it much, post my reviews there though.

  2. Hi Deb! I accepted. :) I'm going to give FB a go, so we'll see how much I use it. :) I will try, I promise. :D

  3. Yay! I'm off to follow you now :) If you see something from Melissa's me haha

  4. You are better than me honey! I am still dragging my feet with this one... I am not sure I will ever give in to that one.....

    Honey, I hope all is well and love in the home. I hope the packing has stopped for now and you are enjoying your family! I am blessed to have friends like you!!! Hugs to you honey and like you said - just in case I do not talk to you... From my heart to yours... Merry Christmas and Happy New Years honey!!!!!

  5. I just sent you a request.

    I am poor at keeping up with status updates but PMs and Wall post I check immediately!!=) Well, almost immediately. LOL!!

    Happy FBing!

  6. Melissa - I think I accepted your invite. :) I was trying to keep up with some of the followers of Facebook on my phone. But I think I accepted you. :) Thank you!

    Blodeuedd - :)Glad to have found you there. Thank you!

    Cecile - Aaaa, I was dragging my feet a lot there on Facebook thing too. And being limited on time with working, family, and reading, along with other things life throws at you is hard to juggle. I'm not sure how this facebook thing will work out, but I'll give it a shot. :)

    Chasity - I think I confirmed you over the weekend. I was trying to keep up with some of the requests on my phone over the holiday here in our runnings. :) Glad to have found you! Thank you!

  7. Well i wish you luck honey! I know i will not be venturing to Facebook anytime soon. But i am glad that you took the plunge!
    I hope Santa was good to you honey! Maybe even bringing you a helper in unpackinrg!
    Hugs to you honey!


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