Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interview, with Anyan! From Jane True series

The treat we have today is a wonderful one, he just might have you salivating over his food abilities. Please, sit pretty and listen up for Anyan...

M:  Hello Anyan. How are you today?

A:  Um, fine? Although I really don't know why you want to talk with me...

M:  Oh Anyan, you may not realize it but you have quietly attracted attention.  And you are such a mystery!

M:  It seems you have been in Rockabill for a while. How long have you been here? It seems as being in Rockabill might be a little on the quite side from the Alfar and company. Is that so? Did you come here to get away from the hum drum of the business or maybe for safety, from your past?

A:  I just like the quiet. And Rockabill is quiet. Yeah, I've lived there a long time.

M:  Work seems very secretive for you. May I ask where you go when you scurry off for lengths of time?

A:  Depends. Sometimes I just go off to get creative. Sometimes I have art-world stuff to deal with. I sometimes visit friends. Sometimes . . . I check into things. Things that need checked into.

M:  Have you ever been to the Borderlands? Or have you been around long enough to have known the people that have taken up residence in the Borderlands?

A:  I've been lots of places, and I know lots of people. Not all of them I can talk about in public.

M:  *nodding head* Oh yes, I understand... best kept on the hush hush.

M:  One last work related question then we'll move on. There seems to be some, um... static between you and Ryu. Did Ryu work under you when you worked with the Alfar? Was there a disagreement between the two of you? In the field, or maybe a lady?

A:  Ryu's a good soldier. That's all I'll say.

M:  Okay, moving on now...

You have a few hidden talents someone may not realize you have. Cooking and artwork. These are a lovely combination. I'm sure the women are trying to snag you as it would be great to have a man to cook for us.

A:  Some women dig it, some don't. I haven't had anyone around for a while, so I can't really say.

M:  *pause* ooo. Anyan, we will have to fix that.  It's always nice to have someone around.

M:  Do you spend much time in the kitchen fiddling around?

A:  I do. I like that you take raw ingredients and then you make something new out of them. And I like feeding people.

M:  Sounds very creative!

M:  What is your favorite dish to eat? What makes it so tasty for you?

A:  Too many to name . . . I do love to eat.

M:  Food is an amazing invention, I have to say. *smiling*  I do love food that makes the taste buds want to burst.

M:  What is your favorite to make? What makes it special for you?

A:  I always really enjoy cooking breakfast. Especially for a lover. There's something very... I dunno, caring about it. Like I'm seeing them off on their day, helping make sure it's a good one. *blushes*

M:  Awww... Okay, enough about food.  I'm starting to get hungry.

M:  Can you share some about your artwork? The style? Is there anything or anyone who inspires your art? love or war...

A:  I've been experimenting for a very long time. There are things that have always interested me, as subjects, but other than that I try to challenge myself with new mediums, new ways of expressing myself.

M:  By chance do you have a scar on you buttocks? After that bite you received a while ago from our little friend Jane. I bet that hurt.

A:  *chuckles* That it did. She's a fierce one, that Jane. She's small, but she's feisty.

M:  So, Anyan, now that we are on the subject of Jane. What about Jane perks up the ears? You seem to have taken to Jane over the years as she has grown into a young woman.

A:  I dunno, really. She's just always so strong, in her own way. And the way she keeps picking herself back up... Also her smarts. Her little brain is always whirling away. I never know what she's going to say, or do... And she takes so much pleasure in things. I just love to watch her enjoy herself... Um. I think that's it.

M:  *smile* That's great Anyan.  You seem to know Jane very well.  She sounds like a great person.

M:  Well, I have a few quick questions for you and we will wrap it up and you can run off to that place you go.

Favorite Color? Blue

Picnic on the Beach or Formal Dinner in the city? Beach

Bath or Shower? Ummmm.... Shower? I guess?

Favorite Holiday? Don't have one.
Really?! Wow.

Rain or Shine? I like both.
I like both too.  Brings out different feelings... sorry. On we go.

Just one hobby? Cooking.

Coffee or Tea? Cardamom tea.

Favorite Book? Umm....There's a lot. Can't pick one.
Ooo, quite the reader, nice. *smile*

Two legs or all fours? I can do both.

Thank you Anyan.  It has been a pleasure talking with you. I do hope you stop by again some time in the future.

I'm going to have to try out that recipe you left me. Maybe you can come by to help me out, as I'm really not that great of a cook. *looking down* But the dish sounds amazing.


  1. Great interview! The strong, silent types don't usually make for good interview subjects, but you managed to get some answers out of him. Love Anyan!

  2. Excellent interview! Thank you. :)

  3. I would Put up with all his quirks..I adore him. Thanks for having him on Melissa..he is hard to track down..Excellent..

  4. Artistic? Sweet.

    How YOU doin'?

    Hee hee...

  5. Very cute. I certainly wouldn't mind getting know Anyan better ;)

  6. That was fun. You did get him to talk and give us a little information. We are all lucky he stopped in for an interview.

  7. Alexia - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed Anyans interview. I was worried at first as he's not much of a talker, but he warmed up very nicely. :)

    Bea - Hi! Thank you for stopping by. And so glad you enjoyed the interview with Anyan. :)

    Micaella - :) Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the interview here with Anyan. :) He is a wonderful person, um., to meet. :)

    Susan - :) I love the quirks of Anyan. ;D Thank you for stopping by! I think I might keep him. ;D What do you think?

    Melissa (Books & Things) - :D Don't flirt to hard. He is my find. ;D I have it all planned out... But... well, we will see. You have to read the series and in the second book you get a little bit more of him. Well, you do get to 'see' more of him in Tempest Rising, but learn more of him in Tracking the Tempest. Now I'm looking forward to Tempest Legacy. ;) Enjoy!

    Simcha - Glad you liked the interview. I thought Anyan was a nice one to get to see a little more of here. :)

    Luanne - :) Thank you for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the interview with Anyan. This was the one I was nervous about, as I know he is the quite one. :)

  8. Oh Wow... I think I might be falling in love.

    Breakfast, beach and tea!!=) My kind of man!=) lol!

  9. Chasity - :D So glad you enjoyed the interview. Please, don't mention it to Ryu as I don't want to break his heart, but I think Anyan's the man for me too. ;)

  10. Great interview! I have a hard time picking one favorite food, too.

  11. MBreakfield - Thank you for stopping by Anyan's interview too! :) So many great foods, it is hard to pick just one. But had to give it a try. ;) Thank you!

  12. Love Anyan and his big twitchy nose :)

  13. Pamela {Spaz} - I've always been cheering for Anyan. :) He has been my favorite out of the guys. he he. ;D Thank yoU!


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