Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (31)

Favorite Fictional Character
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My pick this week is the Aunt of a main character.  I read the first two books of the World Weaver series thus far, I've got the third here on my shelf to read and review - soon.  Yes, this series is a Young Adult series and I would suggest it for Young Readers of ten or eleven and younger as well.

The Character this week is Thea's Aunt Zoe.  In this world author Alma Alexander has created magic is a given.  A norm.  Even expected of everyone.  Zoe is the fun, laid-back Aunt.  She can smell and sense different things, feelings, and such in peculiar ways.  Zoe can smell when someone is angry, or can tell when the wind is blue.  But she is fun.

We meet Zoe in the first book, Gift of the Unmage but really get to see her more in the second book Spellspam.  She is the caring Aunt.  The Aunt that can be fun and yet watch out for you.  The kind of Aunt you could trust and talk to, and not get the motherly over protectiveness.  She even had a moment where she got affected by the spellspam and reacted as she was suppose too (according to the spells expected reactions).  But then she was fun after she was to be cured I wondered if maybe there was more to it.

Zoe is a secondary character in the books.  But I enjoyed when she was on the page.


  1. She does sound like an interesting character. I don't know if I'd like to smell anger, but it's definitely a curiosity!

  2. Melissa (Books&Things) - I don't know if I'd want to smell anger either. I wonder how that would smell... But she really is a cool character. :)

  3. She sounds like somone I would at least like to meet. Great choice.

  4. Hi Ryan! I think she could be a real trip to meet. :) Thank you for stopping by! Hope you are doing well in this crazy season.


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