Saturday, December 11, 2010

To The New Year!

New Years Resolutions...
Book Style that is.

I was chatting on twitter with a great friend, Jackie of My Ever Expanding Library, of things we want to do.  In the chat I said, "to the new year" and got the idea to post this Resolutions for 2011, book style.

So, what are some of my Resolutions?
  1.  I have an idea for a new meme. I just need to iron out the details some and see if it will fly or dive. Never know until you try it out, right?
  2.  To try to read more books than this year.  Thus far this year I've read 55 books and hope to get two more in.  So, I would like to try to read faster next year.
  3.  Try to do more interviews with authors. I like doing them and getting to know more authors, new and old.
  4.  Volunteer and/or offer to do giveaways more often. They are so fun to host!
  5.  I want to write more this year now that things should be settling down, and dedicate one month this year to writing instead of reading.  That way more time can go to writing.

Oh yes, there are loads of Resolutions I can come up with for personal and at home.  But I thought this would be neat to do then come back next year around this time to see if I was able to do any of these Resolutions.  Even the small ones.  Maybe if I start small I can exceed my own expectations. ;) And there is always time to add to the list, until the end of the year anyway.  I can add in the comments below.

What are your Bookish Style, New Years Resolutions?

Best of luck to you in the New Year.

Would you like to post your New Years Resolutions too? 
You are welcome to use the picture I have here (I took it here at home), or one your own choose.
Why not link up with Mr. Linky here.  I would love to read what you have on your list.


  1. Great idea! I'll definitely be doing a Bookish New Years Resolution post next week after the madness of finals have calmed down! You should do NaNoWriMo next year for resolution #5! =)

  2. Casey (The Bookish Type) - Thank you! I'll look forward to your post when ever you get to it. We still have a few weeks to go until the new year. :) I'm hoping to be back up and on like I was before we moved this coming week. I do hope your finals all go great and easy for you. I really wanted to do NaNoWriMo this year, but we didn't get the house going or done being built like we wanted to so there was to much going on with packing and building to be able to dedicate the time. But I would LOVE to do it next year. :) Thanks!

  3. Great post! I've just been writing my list of resolutions for 2011 - I already have so many! I'd definitely recommend NaNo as well, I did it for the first time this year and it completely changed the way I write and manage my time. Good luck with all your resolutions!x

  4. This is a great idea! However, I always say that I resolve to not have any resolutions for the year. I fail every time. Perhaps I shouldn't start with the first resolve. Kills the rest of the sentence. ;)

  5. Great list of resolutions! I want to read more in 2011 as well, and I'm going to work on being more consistent with posting my reviews. Here's to a great year!

  6. CarlyB - I've heard a lot of people talking about NaNo and that they really enjoyed it. I'm going to have to check it out and give it a shot next year. :) Thank you for stopping by and the wishes. :)

    melissa (Books&Things) - Thank you! Well, you could always work from the bottom up in the future. :) I don't know if they will work out, but at least I have hopes and dreams writen down to remind me. ;)

    Alexia - Thank you. I wish you the best with your resolutions as well. I need to be more punctual with my reviews as I get done with the books. Although, sometimes I like to stew on a book before I review it. Makes me think on it more. :)

  7. That's so cool about writing. You should :)

    For the interviews, I thought it would be cool if we got more authors involved with our book club or at least guest posts.

  8. This is a great idea, now if I can follow through with them lol. Happy New Years!

  9. Hi There!
    Thanks for this suggestion! I've joined up and set my resolutions. Now, lets see if I can keep them :)

  10. Robyn - :) Thanks! I might have to lean on you some for help with the writing. I start then stop because I think its a lame idea. But I want to keep going with one of those 'lame' ideas just once to see where it goes. I agree with getting the authors involved in the book clubs too. I was thinking we could hound Mark Henry into one after we are done. ;) Just to start with.

    BLHmistress - Thank you! I am glad you liked the idea and linked up. Loved the blog and I'm following you now too. I understand about following through, as sometimes I forget about them. ;D Happy New Year to you!

    Barb - Hi! Thank you for linking up and posting! I've stopped by and am glad to have found your blog. I'm following now. I hope we can all help each other to remember the revolutions and help each other get through. :) Happy New Year to you!

    Cari - Hi! Thank you for posting. And so glad you liked the idea. :) I wish you all the best with your resolutions. And a Happy New Year to you!!

  11. There! I'm finally linked up...thanks for reminding me, Melissa! :)

  12. Melissa! You are very welcome! And thank you so much for linking up. :) I did stop by and say hi. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. :)

  13. YAY! Finally posted my resolutions! hehe

    Happy New Year!


  14. Anytime you need help with writing or whatever, let me know :)

  15. This was a great idea and I had fun putting together my list. Now if only I could actually stick to it...

  16. I've been working on my New Year's Res for a while now.... trying to jot down all that I want to accomplish. I will definitely link up!=) Great idea to do so!

  17. I've seen a bunch of resolutions posts around and decided to do one of my own. Great idea linking them all up. Good luck with your list!

  18. I definitely want to spend more time writing this year too, not sure if that'll fly though :):)

  19. very neat I added my link to the list

  20. Have a great New Year and my all your wishes come true.
    Readaholics Anonymous

  21. Great post and idea! Just posted a bookish New Years resolution post! I think I have more resolutions for blogging than for my own personal life. haha.

  22. Dont you join any reading challenge 2011? It might help you boost your reading speed :D

  23. This sia great idea, it actually got me thinking about all the things I want to do!! I'll be checking out some other FF later!!
    Now a follower!!
    Have a great New Year's Eve!!

  24. I would love ti start my novel on January 1st and hope to have it completed and out for editing by the spring/summer =)

    Add more features to my blog

    Keep up with my book reviews.

    Awesome New Year to all of you.

  25. Larissa - Hey hun! Thank you for linking up. :) And I stopped by last night. :) Great resolutions. Hope you have a wonderful safe New Year as well.

    Robyn - I think I just will take you up on that offer to help with writing. I'm hoping to get into the new year and settle in more here, then start in. :)

    Simcha - Thank you. I am so glad you liked the idea and linked up. :) I'm hoping maybe we can all help each other and maybe check in as the year goes. :)

    Chasity - Thank you! :) Glad you liked the idea. Can't wait to ready your resolutions.

    Carmel - Thank you for linking up! Glad you joined in. You have a wonderful site. And the best of luck to you with your resolutions. Happy New Year!

    Anaiz - Hi! Thank you for linking up. Maybe we should start a writing group, to support each other and help push ourselves, or challenge ourselves. :) Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  26. Stacy (Urban Fantasy Investigations) - Thank you! Glad you liked the idea. :) I'll be stopping by to say hi here shortly. :) Happy New Year to you!

    Dana Alma - Aww, thank you! And I hope you have a wonderful New Year as well. :) And it is a wonderful one to come.

    I Eat Words - I just have to say first I love your user name. :) Thank you! And so glad you liked the post and linked up. I will be stopping by your blog here shortly. I've found the blogger resolutions are easier to hold up to than the personal ones. ;D (don't tell anyone - husband mostly)

    Aleetha - Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I did join two reading challenges this year. I'm hoping it will help push me along with reading faster. I just seem to have an OCD when it comes to reading and I start moving as slow as a turtle to get every word and meaning of every word as I go. I have to learn to break that habit some. :) Thank you!

    Lynossa (Deranged Book Lovers) - Thank you! So glad you stopped by and linked. :) I'll be stopping by to say hi and read your resolutions.

    Universe in Words - Thank you for stopping by! I have to say I love the user name. :) Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    Jannette Fuller - Thank you for stopping by! Sounds like a few great resolutions there. :) I wish you the best with them. I will have to stop by your blog here later. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  27. Yeah! I final got mine up!=)

    I am super excited for 2011. There's almost a blank canvas feeling like I can almost styart fresh and make things happen!! Love the feeling and really hope to keeop the momentum!!

    As for your goals- I agree. Read more, get ideas in motion and host giveaways!!=) A few of mine are the same as well!!=)

    Best wishes to you on your goals! I have no doubt you can accomplish them!

  28. Great Idea to link it all up! Happy New Year!
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  29. This is a fantastic idea and thank you for getting it spread across the blogsphere!


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