Monday, December 20, 2010

Calling all Nicole Peeler fans!

I have a nice surprise for all Nicole Peeler fans, or Jane True fans. 
Well, I guess I should say Ryu and Anyan fans. ;)

I've just gotten through a few fantastic interviews!  Yes sir ree.  I got the opportunity to interview Ryu and Anyan!  I was so excited to be in the same room with these two men, each separately of course.  They are both fantastic!

So, this post is to give you a heads up that the interviews are on the horizon.  All in time for Nicole's new release in January:  Tempest's Legacy.

What I'm going to do is post each interview on its own.  Then I think I saw in the emails about a giveaway... ;D You will have to keep checking back for the interviews and giveaway.  I am hoping to get these finished up and posted on or before Monday December 27th.


  1. Robyn - Thank you! :) I'm hoping everyone will enjoy them.

    ParaJunkee - Thank you so much for stopping by. :) I hope you all enjoy the interviews. :)

  2. Simcha - It was a blast! :) And pulling the post together was fun too. :) Hope you enjoy it.


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