Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: Violet Tendencies

Violet Tendencies

By:  Jaye Wells

Publisher:  Orbit Short Stories

Publish Date:  April 2011

Format:  Ebook, short story

Genre:  Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Series:  3.5 of Sabina Kane series; Book 1 ~ Red-Headed Stepchild, Book 2 ~ The Mage in Black

Recommendation:  Oh YES!  This is a great lead into Green-Eyed Demon.  And a little information on demons as well.

Former assassin Sabina Kane heads to Los Angeles to find her kidnapped sister.  Helping her on the mission are her hot mage partner, her Mischief demon minion, and a Vanity demon named Valva.  The problem?  She's got to figure out how to find her sister without letting her enemies know she's back in town.  But when Sabina seeks out an old ally -- a vampire strip club owner named Fang -- for help, Sabina learns the hard way that Vanity demons don't know the meaning of the phrase "low profile."

First Sentence:
The Tit Crypt hadn't changed much over the years.

My Thoughts and Summary:
The day after the mess in the end of The Mage in Black, Sabina travels back to L.A. with Adam, Giguhl, and Valva to look for her kidnapped sister.  Sabina goes to an old friend she feels she can trust, an owner of a local vampire strip bar ~ Fang, looking for a place to crash undetected.  Trying to stay under the Dominae radar while the Dominae are circulating flyers with a bounty on her head for the "safe" return home to her Grandmother.  Valva, the vanity demon, spices things up some...

Even in this short story that was a quick read for me, Jaye had my attention the whole time and now has me pumped and ready to dive into Green-Eyed Demon.  There is the sarcastic humor of the characters mixed with action.  I have to say I did learn a few things in this read as well; as there are two different types of demons and more on Valva the Vanity demon.  I really do enjoy reading about Sabina more too.  She seems to be softening up to her friends now that she has accepted them as such.

This short story is a great lead into Green-Eyed Demon.  It can be read after Green-Eyed Demon, but is the lead into the story from The Mage in Black.

I purchased this story for my own enjoyment.

This review qualifies for the Horror & Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge hosted by Book Chick City.


  1. I want! I Want! Unfortunately the shorts are not available outside the US yet... :-(

    I'll wait in anticipation...

  2. I think I read a short story by her, not this one but in this anthology. Wasn't too keen though :(

  3. Oh nice. I need to get this one ASAP to have when I start it!

    I also love the title!

  4. Brand - Oh you are very welcome! :) Thank you. :)

    Mel - Are you serious!?! Well, I know you are but I didn't know over seas couldn't get it yet. I'm so sorry! I hope it becomes available to you soon. It's in ereader format so I had thought everyone could get it. That is a bummer.

    Blodeuedd - Oh, I've missed any short stories she might have had. This one is kind of a lead in for the third book of Green-Eyed Demon. It's good and tells where Valva disappeared off to. :)

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, I think you will like this series. :) But you have to read this one after The Mage in Black and before Green-Eyed Demon. :) It just fits nicely that way. ;) lol. Enjoy!

  5. I need to get this! great review

  6. Zia - I do hope you enjoy this. :) you have been enjoying the Sabina stories so I think you will enjoy this one as well. :) Thank you!


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