Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Book Chat (11)...Stop 2

We are on the road with Amanda and her friend in Road Trip of the Living Dead and have come to our second rest stop.

There is a lot happening in this road trip I wasn't expecting.

So what part would you like to chat on?  Pick one and we will go at it.

If no picks, Robyn and I have a few questions to get us started...

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Amanda tells Wendy she is sorry but is it me or do you think Wendy is hiding something even after all that?
2.)  What do we think of Scott?
3.)  Do you think Honey will get to see her brother, alive or will she be dead in order to see him?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  Who do you think is responsible for killing Granita?
2.)  What do you think of the visions Amanda saw with Madame Gloria?
3.)  Could the Mushrooms Fishhooks ate be what is giving him the clairvoyant moments?  So who is coming and why?


  1. I'm wondering about those mushrooms. Makes me not want to trust Fishhook.

  2. I really hope Honey doesn't have to die just to see Mr. Kim. There has to be a way. Right?

  3. Hey Robyn! Sorry we have been running since I left work on Friday and haven't stopped. I think the weather is starting to break, as every weekend for the past three weeks has been like this. Un-real! lol. Okay, I finally have a few to go through some of my thoughts here. :)

    I'm really curious about these mushrooms too! I think they might have something to do with Fishhooks and his strange behavior. lol. But I'm weary of him to begin with. He just is strange for the h-e-l-l he has gone through, or so we suspect he has gone through. ;)

  4. Honey is growing on me as well! I'm really hoping she doesn't have to die, but if she does and haunts Amandas car for eterity that would be great too! lol.

  5. Hey, we haven't heard back from that ghost that warned Amanda at the 7-11 again yet. I wonder if he will show up. :)

    Yeah, I don't know what Wendy has going on there. She seems so out of it this trip. Like her and Amanda had a huge tiff and she doesn't want to talk to her. I kind of miss her though. I hope we get to the bottom of that here in the end.

  6. I have to say I'm loving Scott so far. :) I know we haven't seen much of him as of yet, but I like the potential here with him, and him with Amanda. :) Very neat to think of a werewold and zombie together. lol

  7. I'm not sure how is responsible for killing Granita yet. But I will say the Cleaver family didn't seem all that surprised and took off like wild-fire when they saw it. I wonder if they have something to do with something here. And the scotted real quick when the story was brought up at the KFC. So what is up with them?

  8. Oh, the visions Amanda saw! Oh, it sounds like her and Scott are going to get a little hot and heavy there. lol. And that poor Honey... It just doesn't sound good for her any way you look at it. But, I'm curious to see how "accurate" she really is!

  9. Sorry I didn't comment that much the other day. I'm here now :)

    Fishhook is definitely not normal. Either I missed it but was there mention of what he was?

  10. Haha, I could see that now with Honey and Mr. Kim. I think they would drive Amanda insane.

  11. There is definitely something going on with Wendy and I don't think it's because she has a hole in her body.

    I also don't think it's because of the attention Scott is giving Amanda.

    I want to know what she was told over the phone!!!!!

  12. I do want to like Scott but there is a part of me still when I think about it that still doesn't think we should trust him but there is that part of me that does.

  13. Oooh the Cleaver's. They are definitely up to no good. I know we'll see them again. I wonder what is up their sleeve?

  14. I'm definitely curious to see a werewolf & zombie hook up :).

  15. Oh Fishhook, I think he is human. But he was a bloodbank for vampires and such. Or at least that is what Gil & Amanda assumed when they saw all the marks on his body. I can't remember if he told them so too or not.

    Oh, yeh. I think Honey & Mr. Kim would drive her nuts. lol. But I think it could work out really cool too. lol.

  16. Yeah, did that phone call start the way Wendy was acting? Or was she acting different before that? I think it was around the phone call that she started to pull away from everyone.

    Oh, I think Scott means well. But then again he does work for the enemy of Gil... so who knows!

  17. I'll have to go back and look around the time they met Fishhook.

  18. I want to say it was after the phone call. She seemed fine before that.

    Do you think she will get fixed?

  19. I'm wondering if we'll see Markham again or just the people he sends.

  20. Do you think Amanda will follow through and kill her mom?

  21. oops and meant to put, how will she kill her mom?

  22. Oh I think Wendy will get fixed. Amanda is really starting to make a lot of promises here. :) And I don't know if she can keep them all. lol.

    Oh that poor Wendy. She seems to be the one who gets the shaft on wounds. lol. She is always getting the serious ones!

    Oh, I'm thinking we will definitely see Markham again. Just when is the question.

    Oh yeah!! Her mom! I really get a kick out of reading her memory flashes with her mom. She really was a one of a kind. I think Gil would most definitely take her out for Amanda as he promised. :)

    Okay, I'm going to start into the next section tonight. :)

  23. I can't wait to finish this one but I'll also be sad when it's over.


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