Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sabina Kane Short Story!

Have you heard there's a short story of Sabina Kane available?  Well there is! :) It just recently became available through Orbit Short Fiction.  Orbit Short Fiction will be publishing SHORT stories of many of our favorite authors.  You can check out their site, HERE.  There are a few great sounding stories there already!  Go check them out.

But, I want to bring to your attention one story in particular.  About our favorite tough girl vampire, Sabina Kane!  If you are a fan of this series you might want to check this out.  It's only a small amount of $1.99 to purchase.  HERE is a direct link to Jaye Wells story with Sabina.

And thanks to Jaye Wells, I did find out you can read this short read of 7,500 words before or after Green-Eyed Demon.  But it actually falls in the timeline before Green-Eyed Demon.

Former assassin Sabina Kane heads to Los Angeles to find her kidnapped sister. Helping her on the mission are her hot mage partner, her Mischief demon minion, and a Vanity demon named Valva. The problem? She’s got to figure out how to find her sister without letting her enemies know she’s back in town. But when Sabina seeks out an old ally — a vampire strip club owner named Fang — for help, Sabina learns the hard way that Vanity demons don’t know the meaning of the phrase “low profile.”


  1. I think I'm going to read the short story first :)

  2. Having just finished the third book earlier this week this came at a good time, thanks Melissa and am going to write up and share this one with my blog followers also... I will list you as where the info came from and was excited to see when I went to sign up on the site there are a lot of good stories coming out from orbit!

  3. Robyn - I just got my copy downloaded tonight. ;) Guess what I'm reading tonight. lol.

    Jackie B - Oh, I'm so glad to have shared this with you. I didn't know if everyone had heard about it yet. It really sounds like a great idea with the short stories and I'm getting ready to start Green-Eyed Demon, so I'm going to read this one quickly. :) Hope you enjoy!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - oh This series is a fun read. I hope you get to enjoy it and all the short stories Orbit has out there now. :)

  4. I bought it and have it on my Kindle, when finish a review book will read it to see what happens between Valva and Giggles... You might want to read the short prior to Green Eyed Demon too from the sounds of the explanation and excerpt Melissa... BTW You will like the third book, so glad I finally read them now why has book four not been released already!!!!!! LOL

  5. Jackie B - Oh great! I just bought it tonight as well. :) I'm going to read it first then dive into book 3. I'm really looking forward to them. :) And yes! Book 4 needs to be out very very soon. lol. Oh, Jackie. If you would like we will be chatting on Green-Eyed Demon on the 28th all day, if you would like to stop by. :) And maybe we can throw in the short story too! Thank you!

  6. I'm sitting down soon to finish Road Trip. I hope I can keep my eyes open long enough to read the short tonight :)

  7. Robyn, I finished Road Trip already and I'll be sending over the questions probably tomorrow as I want to get into this short story tonight. :)


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