Monday, April 18, 2011

Pittsburgh Comic Con 2011

I made it to the Comic Convention in Pittsburgh this year!  I think I'm starting to get addicted to going to these conventions.

My brother was able to go with me this trip.  It was nice having him with me as he is really the Comic Guru and I'm just the book nerd.  But we got to make the rounds around the convention twice.  Yes, the first trip was a trip where I just kept going, duh, duh, duh and taking in the sights.  And my brother was surprised as several times I was not able to finish my sentences.  lol.  I would start talking and he would just stare at me.  He even commented to a few of the artists that he was not use to me being so speechless and not finishing sentences, as I always do.  But our second trip through was great.  By then all the artists and vendors had shown up and where working away at creating great pictures.  Oh there where a few times we lost each other in the goggling we where doing and didn't even realize it.  We just kind of got caught up with the sights and when we turned around the other one was gone.  Thank goodness for cell phones. :D  Oh, we would have found each other eventually if we didn't have our phones, but it made it easier ~ for sure.

I did come across a few book booths and liked what I saw.  Although, I didn't pick up any new books as I've got a few more stacks at home than I have room for at the moment.  But I did get cards and such to remember them.  And I did see Jon Sprunk, author of Shadow's Son and soon to be released Shadow's Lure, at the convention.  And I did purchase Shadow's Son and got it signed.  Now, as many of you know I already have this book and got it signed last month... right.  So what does that mean?  Well, I wanted to celebrate the release of Shadow's Lure in June with a giveaway in May of the first book.  So, keep an eye out in May for the giveaway!

I got to meet the artist of the book Clockwork Heart.  I have to say his work is amazing!  Very very nice.  He had a great book of his covers sitting there to look through.  Wow.

And of course I had to pick up a few items for myself, of and the kid too...

I got for in my son's Easter basket a few more of the character cards.  They where only a dollar and they are wonderfully done.  These are by the same artist as the ones I bought last month for him, RAK ~ Robert A. Kraus.  And while there my brother got talking with the artist and found out he had read his comics a few years back, enjoyed them and thought the artist wasn't doing them any more.  Well, low and behold, he is still doing them!  So he had to get the new one! lol.  Great find for my brother. 

But, I fell in love with a few pictures at another booth, all by the same artist ~ Charles Urbach.  Something about these pictures caught my eye.  Some of these pictures you can see better on the artists site, I've linked his name to it.
This girl on the horse caught my eye because of her eyes.  You may not be able to see it here but she has hauntingly white eyes.  She is a half zombie type woman.

This one I feel in love with as she reminds me of the wood fairy and the unicorn there, all from when I was younger.

To me this one was neat with the Viking feeling to it.

This one was the dagger and ring in her hand that caught my eye.  They are both connected with a liquid green flowing between them.  I really liked this idea.

So, I just bought inexpensive frames to put them in to keep these pictures nice in my den.  :) Inspiration shots.

Another fun trip and I'm looking forward to the next one!


  1. One of my good friends is a regular convention goer - almost every month! It could cost her a fortune but she volunteers for part of the time so that at least the entrance fee is free and she gets to escort celebrities. That artist you discovered does beautiful fantasy pieces.

  2. Oh I love those. I really love that last one. I wanna go with you! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. StephanieD - Oh, that is a great idea to volunteer at the conventions. It surely would save a few bucks, to spend there. :)Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the art. :)

  4. Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh you are welcome to come with me next time. ;) I would love to have more company at the coventions. :) So glad you liked the picture. :) Thank you!


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