Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Chat (10)...Stop 1

Well, there has been a lot of talk over this series as the 5th book has had the cover released and the date of it's release.  So, with everyone talking of it, it has come to our attention.  And seeing that we LOVED reading another series by this author here in the chats, it was a given we had to give it a try too.

Here we are at stop 1 in the First book of the Sirantha Jax series...

By Ann Aguirre

In case you wanted it again, our schedule for reading is:

Stop 1 ~ Tuesday March 15thPage 104 the end of Ch 18
Stop 2 ~ Thursday March 24thPage 210 the end of Ch 36
Stop 3 ~ Thursday March 31stEnd of the Book

But lets get chatting on this book!

Robyn's Questions:
1.) What connection is there between March and Jax?
2.)  It seems to me that March is hiding something, what do you think it could be?
3.)  Do we trust Keri?
4.)  What do you think really happened with Kei and Jax?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  Do you think there was something there at Martins IV that Sirantha saw or knows that could be why the Corp was keeping her?
2.)  What so you think of the plan to bring whole villages from other planets, people with a special gene that they could make jumpers?
3.)  What do you think of this whole setup with Jumpers and Pilots and the space idea?


  1. I'll chat more later :) but I definitely think the corp wants Jax for something. Her and Kei were on to something or found something and the corp is trying to keep it a secret. What it is? I have no clue.

  2. I'm so glad you 2 are reading this! This is one of my FAVORITE series. I'm not going to participate until the last chat b/c I would hate to slip up on something.

    Have fun!

  3. Hey Jessica. I do hope you join us in the last chat. :) Your the one that helped get us on to this book too. :)

  4. Okay, I'm a little ify on this book so far. I like the writing and the characters thus far. The darkness hidden in the characters and the great potential there. But I'm a little lost on the whole jumper thing. I'm hoping it will become clearer as they go through the book and start training others.

    I will say once we went through the first jump I started to understand it better. I was just confused at the set up at first.

  5. The way I'm looking at the jumper thing is that it's like transporting. It gets them to their destiny quicker.

    I'm probably way off or have been watching too much Star Trek, lol.

  6. The whole pilot and jumper thing. I find it interesting.I could see where you have to trust the other.
    It also seems like they need each other. If something goes wrong with one, the other person is in trouble. Maybe that's what happened with Kei and Jax?

  7. The jumper thing sounds like she sees through a computer system yet also like her soul is detached from her body zooming through the solar system while the pilot is connected into her brain as well to see with her eyes. It sounds rather intense and personal.

    I really can see the closeness becoming a thing with the two as they are connected and get to know each other rather intimately. Mentally intimate.

  8. I don't know if something went wrong with Kei and Jax as much as I think some one intentionally did something to them more than anything. Maybe messed with the controls so Kei would make a turn and the craft would turn to far or not far enough.

    They where carrying a very important government person on that ship with them. I think that's a very important piece of info.

  9. I'm really curious about March's connection with Jax as well. There seems like there is something there and I'm not sure what it is. I had thought maybe he had a connection with his jumper way back when and she died or something horrible happened to her. But I'm not sure. I'm not sure if the connection is with Jax herself or with the idea of Jax. I really do want to find out though.

  10. Oh yeah, March hiding something. I do think there is something there. And it has to do with Jax.

    Jax did realize he was hiding that he was goating her to get her mad at him as to not crash the whole crew. But there seems to be something deeper in him too.

    I kind of don't know why March is always in Jax's head. Maybe that is part of his ability and connection with Jax. He can't seem to be able to turn off the mind thing with her. Or maybe it's just because he knows she's very unstable at the moment and is trying to be there for her.

    I do get a kick out of her comments in her mind that he hears and his look he gives her. I have to chuckle at that relationship there.

  11. Okay let's try this again, with blogger. It wouldn't post my last comment I tried to type in...

    Do you think March knows the truth about what happened with Kei and Jax? Could that be some of what he's hiding? Maybe he worked for the corp at one point?

    I'm wondering how close Kei and Jax really were. She was saying how there is a connection with the pilot and jumper. Maybe they did have a strong connection but maybe March and her have even a stronger connection.

  12. By the way, I also love her comments in her head and the way March will look at her, lol.

    I also find it interesting how March switched places so she could sleep on him. Do you think it was the reason he said or was it because of something else?

  13. I think if March didn't know before the last episode where she screamed in her head and passed out he does afterward. He said he knows all that happened, that he saw it. I think he knew she was rather damaged on the inside and was trying to be close yet stay away to not get to caught up with her and get into a relationship he doesn't want.

    I think Kei and Jax where extremely close. I think they where more to each other than just friends and pilot & jumper. I think thats in part why she is struggling with the crash so badly.

  14. Oh yeah. Switching places while she slept! I don't know what all that was about. You know he knew what she was dreaming. I think he felt bad after the Keri thing. He was giving so much attention to Keri and heard Jax's thoughts on her not ever getting taken care of like that. So I think he was trying to give her some needed support and affection.

  15. Oooh Keri. I'm not sure if I like her or not. Does she just have an attitude problem? Or should Jax really be worried about her?

  16. I'm not so sure about Keri either. She seems like an immature spoiled child. She wants everyone to cater to her. And now she has come into power. I think she is one to worry about. She is very strong and quick from her training. Not someone anyone should mess with.

    I think she has her people in the right place in her mind. But her methods are not the right ones. Does that make sense? I think her meaning is good, but getting there isn't going to be fun.

  17. What gets me is how March can be this nice guy to Keri. Doesn't he see her for what she is? Or can she act like she's Miss. Innocent around him?


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