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Book Review: The Unfinished Song: Initiate

The Unfinished Song: Initiate

By:  Tara Maya

Publisher:  Misque Press

Publish Date:  December 2010

Format:  Kindle

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  1st book in the Unfinished Song series

Recommendation:  Maybe for a quick read with Fae and dance magic, if you enjoy dance.

Book Synopsis:

Dindi can't do anything right, maybe because she spends more time dancing with pixies than doing her chores.  Her clan hopes to marry her off and settle her down, but she dreams of becoming a Tavaedi, one of the powerful warrior-dancers whose secret magics are revealed only to those who pass a mysterious Test during the Initiation ceremony.  The problem?  No-one in Dindi's clan has ever passed the Test.  her grandmother died trying.  But Dindi has a plan.

Kavio is the most powerful warrior-dancer in Faearth, but when he is exiled from the tribehold for a crime he didn't commit, he decides to shed his old life.  If roving cannibals and hexers don't kill him first, this is his chance to escape the shadow of his father's wars and his mother's curse.  But when he rescues a young Initiate girl, he finds himself drawn into as deadly a plot as any he left behind.  He must decide whether to walk away or fight for her...assuming she would even accept the help of an exile.

First Sentence:
Dindi scanned the crowd, hoping to slip into the plaza unnoticed.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Dindi is of The Lost Swan clan, one of three human clans who defeated the high fae ~ the Aelfae.  Dindi is considered a little strange by her clan members.  Her chores are always mixed up, if they are completed, as she rather dance with the pixies than work and then they help her finish her chores which are done wrong.  Dindi loves to dance and when the Tavaedi Dancers are in town performing she is on her way to sneak in and watch.  Dindi has a plan, not only to enjoy the dances she sees but to memorize them as she wants to be a Tavaedi Dancer, and she's waiting for her initiation to come.  The only thing... none from her clan has ever passed the initiation to become a magical dancer of the Tavaedi.  On day while traveling on her initiate journey, the girls were teasing her and in the end she became in a dire situation.  A young exiled man who is taken by Dindi's aura earlier that day, saves her.  But he might be in more trouble than he expected or maybe he'll find a place he could be welcomed.

The world weaved here if full of fae in which many humans can not see them.  There are a few who can but people seem to look down upon that.  I enjoyed the idea of humans having magical colorful auras and magical abilities in which dancing is how it is brought to life and used.  I enjoyed the magical world when it started to iron out for me.

The story read as a young adult book.  With the young characters and innocents here among them.  And the fae playing with the young that can see them.  With this being the beginning of the book, I could suggest it to be a read that Young Adults could read as well.

I did have just a few small hang-ups.  As I enjoyed the second half of the book more than the first half, I realized I was caught up in trying to differentiate the clans and magical uses and the fae world.  And by the second half I seemed to understand the set up more.  The other part that distracted me slightly was at one point towards the end the view point changed.  We went from Dindi's view point being described as 'she' or 'Dindi' and her voice of talk to the view point of 'you'.  I'm sure with the part it was at was meant to enunciate the part, but caught me off guard at first.  Then it was switched back to normal view point afterward.

Other than these small things to me, I enjoyed the story idea.  I like the magic being in colors and viewed by those who have the abilities in them, and the dance being the way to draw the abilities to surface and work ~ almost reminds me of Native Americans dances or tribal dances.

After finishing the book I'm left with questions as to what will happen with the characters along with the puzzles that they know of.  A cliffhanging ending to have you jump into the next book, which should be out now.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This book qualifies for the Speculative Fiction Challenge hosted by Floor to Ceiling Books.


  1. This seems like an interesting read! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. So the viewpoint changes for only a small section of the book? That is weird and sort of annoying.

    Good review!

  3. Sounds fun! I do love to dance! ;)

  4. Great review! Really like the cover on this one, but don't think it's for me. Thanks for pointing out what didn't work for you, as the shifting viewpoint would have really annoyed me!

  5. I've read one other book where the viewpoint changed in the middle, and there I thought the author pulled it off successfully, but normally I think this would annoy me. This does sound like it could be a fun book, though.

  6. It sounds a bit confusing at times, but still good

  7. Great review. Loved how balanced it was. Perhaps the shifting POV just wasn't caught. Hm... you have me thinking about it.

  8. Melissa for some reason it never caught my attention that the POV shifted, must have been enjoying the story too much to pay close attention to the nitty gritty details!

    I am glad you gave it a chance and went ahead and finished the book though, the author has done some neat unique world building with this one by incorporating the different elements and legends... I am looking forward to "Taboo" when I get a chance to read it to review as well...

  9. Eli - Hi! You are very welcome. And thank you for stopping by. :)

    WonderBunny - Thank you! I was caught off guard when it happened. I think it was to set off the section, which it fit with, but when the change happened it seemed slight but I kept thinking this is written different. So I had to go back and look some. Strange how things like that just catch you and stick with you. But I enjoyed the idea of the book.

    Nina - Oh, you would probably enjoy this book with the dance and faries. :) Thank you!

    Alexia - Thank you! Oh, the cover of this one caught my eye too. :) It is great. Oh thanks. :)

  10. Simcha - The view point change was slight. And I just kept thinking, this is reading differently. And couldn't really place it right away. Funny how little things can catch you when you are reading. But it was an enjoyable read in all.

    Blodeuedd - I don't know if it's just me or what but at times I was confused some. :) But still good. :) Thanks!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, thank you! Glad you liked the review. :) And hope you do think about it. :)

    Jackie B - Oh, it's weired how little things stick with you. It might have been just me catching the POV change. But all in all I enjoyed the book. :)

  11. Cool review. This sounds really interesting in spite of the little irritating things. :)

  12. I like the idea of the magic, but I'm not sure if the book overall is for me.

  13. CsiLibrarian - Hi! Thank you for stopping by. :) Thank you. It was a nice little read in all.

    Carols Notebook - Hi! I do understand that. :) And thank you for stopping by.


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