Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Book Chat (10)...Finish!

We finished, Grimspace by Ann Aguirre!

We have come to the end of another great book in our chats!  I know there are many of you out there who have read this book and waiting for us to hit this point to join in on the chat with us.

What have you thought of Sirantha Jax, March, The Corp., Dina, Loras, Doc, and any other character present?

Let us have it the good, the bad, and the ugly. (okay, we ask to not get toooo ugly)

Warning:  To proceed in this post and in the comments, there WILL BE SPOILERS present.  So if you have not read and want the surprise for yourself, stop now. :)

We do have some questions to get us started on discussing the happenings of the book...  But, what ever you have in mind to as, please do in the comments!

1.)  Will we see Vel again?
2.)  Do you think that's the last we've seen of Simon?
3.)  What about her parents?  Will she confront them?
4.)  The Corp issue can't be over yet or is Jax now safe?
1.)  What does Doc have to tell Jax?  Is it really about the L-gene?
2.)   Is Jax really able to not "burn-out"?
3.)  Will they get their information to start an academy?  Or will they not need to start the academy so soon, or maybe faster now?


  1. I definitely think there is something up with Jax and it's more than the L-gene.

    Which makes me wonder about her parents. Did they know something? Did they send her away to a boarding school for some reason?

    I think what Doc has to tell her as to do with her not burning out.

  2. Aaggg, Sorry! My husbands uncle passed away and we did the furneral home Thursday and funeral Friday. Crazy week once again. I'm ready for things to calm down some for us.

    But I have loads to chat on and I'll post quickly now and have to come back later, after dinner or something. :)

    Oh the L-gene. I was so worried when we found out Doc wasn't Doc that the news of the L-gene and not burning out was going to end up not being true. I really liked that idea. But then got curious as to why there aren't others that way as well.

    It was mentioned that there are other alien races that have the gene to be a jumper. So why are they not the ones being use? Because they are so different from human? And if this is the case it might be better to have them as jumpers as they could possibly have the L-gene that would prevent them from burning out. I'm still kind of curious about it. And still trying to digest the whole thing.

  3. And we learn more about Jax's home life before she left to the Corp. Her family sounds like they had money and was trying to raise her to be prime and proper and Jax wasn't that kind of personality. I really wonder now of her race. Are they all human or just part human or what? Are they humans that have mated with other aliens? I'm really curious about this aspect of the stories now.

    It does seem Vel is more scientific but not as much as Doc, so maybe his information was explained properly. :)

  4. I most definitely think we will see Vel again. Or at least I hope so! I ended up really liking him. :)

    And with looking at the discription of the second book I think Jax will be heading to Vel's home world. I think.

  5. As for Simon... I think he is going to be one pissed husband. Or maybe an ex-husband now. :) I think there is a very good chance we will see him in the future. I also wonder if the Corp will use him as the fall person. I think he is going to take a big wrap for all that happened.

    And maybe he will go on the run in the future, if they don't put him to death...

  6. I am hoping we get to see Jax's parents. I really want to know more about her and her race of people. I'm really curious now. And I'm starting to get lots of questions on these genes and things that the genes give access to.

    The Corp... I don't think they are completely done with yet. They are going to have a long fall before they are completely gone from the directions of the governmenting here. I think Jax is safe in the way of not being punished for the crash, but I think the Corp is definitely going to keep an eye on her and be VERY curious of her and what she is doing.

  7. With that alien theory having the gene, that made me wonder. It's appears Jax is different. Is it because of the corp and all the tests. Or could it be her family? Is there alien blood somewhere in the family?

  8. I really hope we do see more of Vel. I could see him and Doc working together to figure out what's going on. Doc might still have questions about Jax. Maybe Vel could help him?

  9. I definitely think the Corp isn't done with her. They are going to want revenge. She is definitely not safe.

    I guess it's a good thing she has March to protect her, lol.

    I felt so bad for March and Jax when Jax was taken. You can tell March really cares for her though. I know how our series always go, so I'm hoping there isn't too much drama between them and another man comes in the picture, lol.

  10. On Vel. He is an alien too. So maybe he could share his dna too. :) That could help them with the research. And I think Vel is very smart. He put the whole thing together with out being there to see what was happening to Jax.

  11. I think the Corp is going to be one to contend with. I'm wondering what all will come up with Jax and them.

    And I LOVE March and Jax together! They seem to fit perfectly together as a couple. I really did feel bad for March too. They just got to be okay with each other and that all happened. He really did go crazy for her. He would tear the world apart for her. I don't know if that is good or bad though. What if something happens, he doesn't seem to be clear in his mind on what to do to save her. He would risk everything and himself for her.

    I don't want another man either. And I hope Kai isn't used against her.

  12. I think Kai is still going to be an issue but maybe for only another book or two. She really cared for him. It's going to take her awhile I think to move on.
    She might have an idea about the corp. But I bet something will trigger in her mind and she'll think of Kai.


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