Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Cover Released...

Did you know the author Carolyn Crane (Of the AMAZING Disillusionist series: Mind Games & Double Cross) is doing an anthology?

I just found out and it looks and sounds Outstandingly Amazing!

Okay here it is!

Due Out:  September 2011
We have Carolyn Crane with a story called Old Salt.  According to Carolyn's site it's about: a snarky woman tour guide at a seaside tourist trap in North Carolina ('the haunted pier') who wishes that a certain strapping young sea captain who died in 1870 had a less pathetic haunting technique.

Would you like to stop by Carolyn Crane's site? CLICK HERE to check it and her books out.

There are many amazing authors in here!  And to let you know of the other authors in the book, They are:
Jennifer Estep, Lillith Saintcrow, Liz Maverick, Jeannie Holmes, Sharon Shinn, Robecca York, Susan Sizemore, and Stacia Kane.


  1. Sounds good and the cover looks awesome! :D

  2. Love that cover! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Reminds me a little of the honey moon scene that was released for breaking dawn.

  4. Naj - Oh so glad you like the sounds and look of the book. ;) Thank you for stopping by!

    Eli - Oh so glad you like. :) thank you for stopping by.

    Petty Witter - Hi! Oh glad you like. :) And thank you for stopping by.

    Cari - Oooo, that sounds like a great scene from Breaking dawn. :) Thanks!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - :P I think I'll keep all these for me. ;) nanananaaa lol. Glad you like. :)

  5. I love this cover, it's so romantic and, I don't know, passionate yet touching at the same time.

    I WANT this book NOW not in September! I love the plot and give me a snarky MC and I'm happy!

    Thanks for sharing Melissa.

    I'm never disappointed when I come to your site. It's so full of fun things and tons of information. I think I'm switching to some of your meme's next week btw. Your book chats sound great, too.

    Talk to you soon! Kristi

  6. Kristi The Book Faery - lol. So glad you love the cover and like the sounds of the book. :) Unfortunately, I don't know if we can get it early. ;D Oh, thank you. I'm so glad you enjoy stopping by and I could help pass on information. I don't always have much to share, but try sharing what I do get. :) Oh, and great to hear you'll be trying some of the memo's next week. :) Make sure to stop by and leave a like so I can make sure to see it (even though I'm always over) but others might follow it by too. :) Thank you!


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