Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Book Chat (9)...Stop 1

We have come to the first stop of our Blog Book Chat book.

We are well on our way in The Darkest Edge of Dawn.  Wow. What a beginning, huh?

Any and all are welcome to join in with us!  We love to hear from everyone.

In case you are curious we do have a schedule worked out to read a third of the book every week over three weeks.  And the chats are on Thursdays, so here is the schedule for you:
Stop 1 ~ March 3, 2011 - end of Chapter 8, pg 133
Stop 2 ~ March 10, 2011 - end of Chapter 15, pg 262
Stop 3 ~ March 17, 2011 - end of book

Now Robyn and I have some questions to get the chat starting.  We will chat on anything you add in the comments as we go too.
Robyn's Questions:
1.)  What do you think Llyran really wants?
2.)  Do you think we will see the return of Will?  What happens if hre relationship with Rex grows?
3.)  Do you think Bryn will recover from her addiction?  Or could it cause more damage?
Melissa's Questions:
1.)  What is going on with Charlies vision?  Her vision is blurring and she is seeing things.  Is this a new power of hers manifesting?  Or something else?
2.)  Could Hank be a future victim for killings?  It's mentioned Sirens are very powerful...Hank's a siren.  And Llyran did threaten Charlie with the next victim being for her...
3.)  What about Hanks past?  Seems like there might be something there we don't know about.
4.)  What about that Hellhound, Brimstone?
Alright, join in when ever, where ever.  We would love to hear from you.


  1. Where do I begin? Hehe.

    How about Brimstone. Is it bad, I like him. It seems like he would predict Emma, Charlie, and Rex. I hope he doesn't change.

    I definitely think Hank needs to watch out. I hope Charlie warns him. Or do you think she will try to, but it would be too late?

    Also I feel bad but I don't know if I want Will back. Like maybe he will be alive and Rex can find another body but I don't know if I want to go back to Charlie and Emma. Maybe I'll change my mind later.

  2. Hey Robyn! Sorry I'm so late in commenting. I was a little busy at work and couldn't get on to think and comment. :)

    I had a feeling Brimstone was going to have an important part somewhere here. And I think he will show up again. :) He is so cool! I love him.

    And Em was so adimit about him. I thought there was something there, but didn't really think it would be she could communicate with him. :)

    I wonder if she can only communicate with animals or if she can do so with humans too. Maybe that's why her and Charlie can connect so easily and even chatted in the first book. :)


  3. I think Hank in going to be in danger, if not now then later. But I don't know if Charlie even thought about him being in danger. I think that has slipped her mind as she was so worried and caught up with Em and all at home (the attack, Em in house while it happened so could have been in danger, and the chat on Rex/Will).

    That is a lot and I hope Hank wasn't the next potential victim.

    I do hope Charlie talks to Hank and Aaron about what happened. Everyone needs to know. Llyran is a very very dangerous man.

  4. Oh I really like Rex. :) I wondered if him and Charlie could have a future together. She's attracted to Will yet Rex is fun. We are going to have to wait and see where Kelly takes us on that one. I don't know if I knew Will well enough to say yes or no about wanting him back. But I will say I am enjoying Rex. :)

    He can stay around for a little while. :)

  5. Llyran!!!!

    Holy Cow! I figured we would see him again, but truthfully Kelly surprised me with him and so soon! I really liked that idea.

    It seems Llyran is looking for information in everyones heads. Like it's locked away in a secret compartment. Maybe Charlie has that information. Maybe not. We aren't sure yet.

    But, I will say I'm not convinced on him being the one killing all those victims. I think he is taking credit for it and may know who is doing it. But, I'm not convinced it's him.

    This person is taking power. And Charlie is charged full of it. Llyran didn't even try to hurt her. He left her go to see what she can do. He was sizing her up for the future. He has a plan, wheither good or bad, he has a plan. Maybe to get back to the world he's from and make it safe again. I'm not sure yet.

    Charlie is going to be a tool and a weapon for him somewhere along the way here. And he needs information on something. Maybe he was wanting here information on the case. Maybe he was looking for information on what they did to her.

    What was done to Llyran at the lab? Could he be looking for a way to counter what was done to him, or maybe to use it. So many questions on this character. But I really do like the mystery and potential here.

  6. Bryn.

    I'm so sad to see here this way. I knew the ashe would have a lasting affect on her, but this is a shame. She was such a strong character before. Now she is fragile. I do hope she comes around to being better. It might be a long process though. I don't see here just waking up in this book and being herself again. I think it might take time.

    But I really am looking forward to seeing it happen.

  7. I'm definitely curious about Emma's power and if it will play a bigger role.

  8. I could see Hank telling her he could handle himself but something bad happening.

  9. I would love for her and Rex's relationship to grow.

  10. I think Llyran is definitely up to something.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it's too easy to have Llyran as the serial killer.

  11. Charlies Vision...

    This is one topic I'm really curious to get into. I really wonder what is going on. It seems she is really changing. I wondered at one point if she telaported herself somewhere else.

    I have even started to wonder since Llyran and his "air" trick if Charlie is able to do the same thing. AND if that is what she is doing not knowingly.

  12. Oh speaking of Hank. What about his past? It seems as the Nymph King knows something of his past. Do you think he has a family back at his home that is missing him? I wondered if he had a wife or something with the way Druid mentioned that.

    And why did he leave a heavenly place to come here? Makes me curious. I do hope we get to learn LOADS more. :)

  13. I'm definitely curious about her new vision. I'm also nervous this will be a cliff hanger that goes into the next book.

    I wonder how much more of it will grow. Also would she keep this to herself? I can see her telling Aaron but what about Hank?

  14. The druid definitely has to be a part of his past life but what?

    I also couldn't believe he did that to Charlie. Do you think there was a real reasoning behind it?


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