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Thoughts On: The Dreamer's Thread, Ep 7 & 8

The Dreamer's Thread

By:  Starla Huchton

Genre:  Fantasy

Format:  Ep 7 of 24 ~  32:08 mins

Chapters:  13 and 14

Book Synopsis:
Everyone Dreams.  But what would you do if you suddenly found out that you were one of the few who creates dreams for the whole world?  Would you use your power to harness the light and weave it into beautiful tapestries of magic and wonder, or would you fall prey to the seductive siren song of darkness and nightmares?  For artist Aura Mayville, this becomes a reality as she is ripped from her life.

This Episode:
Aura and company make a gruesome discovery, and learn more about the past...

My Thoughts and Summary:
Aura and company come to their first village, but the closer they come the worse Aura feels something is wrong.  Heartbroken at the sight before her, Aura loses control of her powers.  An blinding display, and it's astounding what she does!  Aura then tries to play with her powers, on herself.

We hear first hand of attacks from the dark creatures.  But I wonder why this village was attacked.  It's to far from the border.  And are there more villages that have suffered the same fate?

After her display of strong powers Dedric is worried of what could happen if she is turned to the darkness.  He also questions the origin of the images from the crystal ball Aura had seen.

Aura learns from someone who was around in the time of the last Dreamer, to learn what had happened to avoid the same fate for herself.  Now Aura wonders what kind of time in the real world Rose had come from.  Maybe the strength in woman of Aura's 'real' world, as they are independent and handle much, could make her stronger to stand against the darkness.


Format:  Podcast, Ep 8 of 24 ~ 32:49 mins

Chapters:  15 and 16

This Episode:
Aura practices using her new powers and the group catches some rays by the sea...

My Thoughts and Summary:
Aura plays with her powers while doing dishes, and Dedric gives her a challenge.  Aura is learning to use her powers, even for small things and raise her endurance as well.  Aura has picked her next stop...by the sea.  We stop at an inn that's quite the sight in the bar.  Strange new creatures and people here.  But on her time for some semblance of normal, Aura slips to the bar and learns of a strange beast attacking ships at sea.

I enjoyed this little tavern scene.  So many great visuals here of the creatures and people.  Fits a dream realm so perfectly.

It's nice to see Aura playing with her powers and the things she's accomplishing as she goes.  Then!  Oh, then Aura remembers the Kings letter!  The King's seal brings new meaning to the tattoo of swans with the faces hidden in the lines.  Oh, King Cyrus...

We have a new person at Aura's service.  Cap'n Squiddy Geiger, the captain of the ship to take Aura and crew out to sea, in hunt for the beast.

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  1. I still haven't done a podcast yet, but I am so going to one of these days. You have given me another to look forward to listening!

    1. :) Melissa (B&T) I'll get you to listen to them...I will. lol. I've got more on the list as well. :)


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