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Tales From the Archives Vol. 2 #10

Tales from the Archives Vol. 2 - #10

By:  Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris

Written & Narrated by:  Dan Rabarts

Format:  Podcast, 43:37 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy, Steampunk

Series:  10th in Tales of the Archives Vol. 2 podcasts, part of A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series

Recommendation:  Nice way to meet new characters and authors in this steampunk-ish world particularly if you enjoyed the book; A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel, Phoenix Rising.  The archives are full of stories to be told.

Preservation Inlet, Fiordland, New Zealand

Agents Lachlan King and Barry Ferguson are called to an isolated mining town to investigate the disappearance of a young Chinese girl.  They found the town all but abandoned, and as they descend into the realm of Ruaumoko, the Maori god of earthquakes they find an explosive situation that will test both agenst and their equipment sorely.

**Featuring Grant Stone as Agent Lachlan.

My Thoughts and Summary:
We start with Eliza and Wellington in the archives as Eliza diverts Welly making him flustered at the mention of him being on the daring side and a touch of unorganized as he has unfinished reports.  This one being one from her home, where time has moved on and she's not met these agents.

June 1900, Ferguson and Lachlan are on the ship, Ferguson taking in the sights, as they head to an area where miners washed away in a flash flood in the southern island gold mine to appear in a northern one.  Suddenly a young Chinese girl silently appears behind them, questioning their intent to find gold and advises they should leave.  In her silent disappearance a card is left.

This is an interesting story, one I think I'd enjoy much more reading.  There are many details and things I wanted to read over a few times.  In listening, this is were I have troubles, I seem to not catch everything.  And I like to catch everything.

Ferguson has some interesting 'tools' he's looking forward to trying out.  And his breather equipment, might have multiple uses before their mission is complete.

This mining town feels as it's been taken off the map, not literally but with minimal visitors since the happening of the mine and mention of ghosts it's dwindled to kneel.  Lachlan mentions with digging in the ground they might have upset the God of Earthquakes, and he might be to blame.

There is one man who's remained strong in the town, Fato, who is looking for his daughter.  Investigating the mines, Agents Lachlan and Ferguson find water seeping in and more cards.  In close inspection of the card, they are found with Chinese writing and from a game.

This one is a paranormal feel to the steampunk and clockworks of the world as well.  We get the answer to how the men turned up in a completely different area than where they started, but on the girl... I think I know what happened to the girl, but I'm not one hundred percent sure.

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There are short stories always added to the listing. So keep checking back!

I listened to this short story for my own enjoyment.


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