Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reverse Author Interview!

I signed up to participate in the Reverse Author Interviews hosted by Book Munchies.  I thought this was a great concept.  Instead of Authors getting interviewed, they submit questions and book reviewers get interviewed.

Each day has a different author who submitted questions, and each blogger that signed up for that day answers the questions of the day.  You can visit Book Munchies daily for each days author questions and links to bloggers who are answering the questions.

Today, I'm one of those bloggers.  The author interviewing... Marissa Meyer!
(now I feel small as I have her books on my Desired Want List.  I do so need them!)

Her Questions and My Answers:
It seems that when I tell most bloggers that there won't be a love triangle in The Lunar Chronicles, they seem weirdly grateful for that.  So what's the un-official blogger status on love triangles in YA these days?  If you're not burned out on them entirely, then what do you feel makes a good love triangle?

Love triangles...I believe the un-official standing around the blogs are -- Really? Another one? *sigh*

It's one angle in books that seems to be the same old, same old and hard to twist up.  The love triangle makes for a great addition to a story line, but when it's the story line it's just okay.  In YA, it seems to be found a great deal more which means girls and boys have choices.  They don't *have* to stick to one person at such a young age.  But, it's in many books.

One thing I do to avoid that feeling, read other books between.  I love a great love triangle, especially when I love all the characters.  But the key for me is to mix it in with other books so I don't get burned out on it.

What are your writing and/or author promoting pet peeves?

Oh, my biggest is the Tweeting/Facebooking over, and over, and over, and over about your own book.  Or even acknowledging others, just yourself.  I understand that they are your lively hood, but I don't want to see self pimping constantly all day every day.  I want to see you as a person, with little things in your life.

I don't follow you because I want to be reminded of your release.  I'm following you most likely because I already know, and look to learn more and chat with friends.  Now, I don't mean you can't share, as it's nice to see you are working on new works, having a release coming or hear, just not constantly.

Another, authors that friend on Goodreads and such just to 'friend' me and think they can get a review out of me.  Nope.  I don't like to be pushed.

Is there anything you feel is missing from the YA genre right now, or anything you'd like to see more of?
Hmm, I do enjoy YA, but haven't read a lot in the last year.  I think one thing I'd like to see more in YA is books for boys.  I've got a 13 year old son who struggled to find a good book he could enjoy, that wasn't completely girl focused.

This isn't saying it can't be a girl lead, but one that isn't as feminine in nature.  Yea, sounds wrong when put that way.  Most of the readers are girls and the biggest part of the purchases.  So, I'm not sure how to gear this idea.  lol.

*phew* These were great questions!  And took some thinking before I could answer.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Good answers! Oh so tired of the love triangle. The only one's I've thought worked have been in adult genre... not YA.

    What is funny is that a few years ago, the YA book seemed to be the opposite. Hard to find good female protags. I want more competent females in the YA genre... even if they are secondary characters!

    1. Melissa (B&T) Thank you. I've seen some really good love triangles in adult as well. There is more you can twist there I think.

      But yes, YA is a tough place for good female protags. :) Thank you!

  2. I am definitely tired of love triangles, in YA and in UF and PNR. This is a neat idea, having authors interview bloggers. :)

    1. Bea, it seems the love triangle is stuck. I've read a few with amazing twists to it, and really love them, but for the most part...yep, agree with you. :)

  3. I don't like love triangles, why do they need to have another person interfere, there are many obstacles in love other than being someone else.
    They are great questions, this is a great idea. The authors ask and bloggers answer.

    1. Rivie Bleu, you know I love and hate when I love both men. I just can't pick, and don't know how the character could either. It sounds like a sticky mess with love triangles. lol. Thank you!

  4. This is a fantastic idea! I really enjoyed reading this! ;) I'll see if I can sign up too, Melissa.

  5. This is such a cool idea, and a great interview! Nice answers, Melissa!

    - Jenn (I Read Good/Tynga's Reviews)

  6. This is a pretty great idea! Fantastic Interview, and answers.

    I agree w/you having three boys and one girl, I do see less for boys and more books geared toward girls. Although, my kiddo's are still under the age of ten, I still see a problem, as a reader myself, in finding great books from male POV's that are YA.

    1. Silverlight. Thank you! So glad to hear I'm not the only one with the boy and girl books. :) It's really great when we come across some that work for boys too. I saw recently you had a review of one. :) Thank you!


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