Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrall, for free for short time!

You can now read the Nate short story, Thrall.  It's the short story in the back of Bloodlines, and sooooo gives a great worry for Nate.

You REALLY need to read it!!

If you are reading the series, and didn't get this (as it's only in ebooks sold on Mundania Press and Print editions - so if you bought on Kindle, you don't have it) GO GET IT!!

Hurry up!

Really, Skyla has it up in preparation for Exhumed release July 10, 2012.  And it'll come down then.  So I've warned you.

So, go read ----->>>> Thrall for FREE now!  On Skyla's Facebook page.

If you haven't started the books yet... well, it is a little spoilerish, hints as to what's going on. What the heck, you can give it a try and see what you think.  But it makes a lot more sense when read with Bloodlines. ;)


Oh, If you are curious as to my thoughts on this story, you can read the thoughts of it on my Bloodlines Review.  It's listed below Bloodlines.


  1. Oooh, I like this cover. I will check it out. Hopefully it's still free.

    1. Jennifer L. Bielman, I have LOOOVED this series. It's different and has a little bit of everything in it, and an amazing story line. I think you would really enjoy it. :)


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