Sunday, June 3, 2012

Special Event and GIVEAWAY!

Today at My World we are stinging up the ropes and hosting a special event, a boxing event. More than just words and pages are flying around here.

I’m curious to see who you think will come out at the end. Okay, I kind of already know who comes out at the end, and how it works out. But most of you don’t. So, please welcome referee (and author) Amanda Carlson as she gives us the lowdown on the contenders today.  (please take a moment to visit Amanda's site after you enter the giveaway, to learn more of the books Amanda has coming out way)

Amanda take the mic away...

In one corner we have human, born to wolves, Jessica McClain, the challenger. 5’8” tall, weight a lean 123 lbs, quick with a snarky comment. Determined to prove herself in a world of wolves, desperate for a life of her own off Compound.

In the other, Mitch Jacobson, werewolf fighting in human form, the challenged. 6’3” tall, weight 233 lbs in human form, full werewolf. Determined to rid the were-world of an abomination.

***Ding, ding***

A snippet from BLOODED:

With every ounce of strength I had, I forced my head up, arching my neck and shoulders. I managed to gain a little space between me and the mat. His hand was like iron, unforgiving and hard, but I was leaking fluids. I used the slipperiness to my advantage, and in the small space I’d won, I twisted my body to the side in his grasp, but just barely. I brought my leg up and pressed it into his shoulder, and with gargantuan effort, pushed him back less than an inch.

It was all I needed.

“You’re not getting away,” Mitch snarled. “I’ve waited to do this for too many years. I’m not letting you bring our race down, Daughter of Cain. It’s time for you to go back to your Maker.” He grabbed a fistful of my hair, which had come loose from its bindings, and yanked. My head wrenched to the side at an impossible angle—vanity payback for keeping my hair long when I should’ve cut it. “No help is coming for you now, Jessica, so it looks like I win.”

“And,” I gurgled out of my distorted throat, “it looks like you have…my heel”—I smashed the back of my perfectly positioned foot into his face as hard as I could—“in your fucking eye.”

A satisfying crack sounded and Mitch sprang back, staggering away from me, cupping the wound, blood flowing freely between his fingers. “Goddammit!”

I gulped in a few breaths, compensating for the lost oxygen. Sticky blood streamed down my back in hot rivulets, but I couldn’t let it distract me. I had to find a way to erase it from my mind—and taunting Mitch sounded like the best place to start. “What’s the matter? Did that hurt?”

Mitch snarled fiercely.

I scuttled back out of his reach. Even though I’d likely shattered both his frontal and maxillary bones, it would take him only a few moments to recover. Stupid werewolf healing. And even though he was a wolf, he still felt pain, which always worked in my favor.

After a moment, Mitch dropped his hand, fury roiling across his features in churning waves of hate. Blood coated his face, red leaking slowly out of the still-healing wound, dripping onto his formerly white T-shirt, making it look like a horror-soaked tie-dye. As I watched, the fractured bones began to set themselves in real time. It was completely unnerving, even though I’d seen live-action healing many times before. It was straight out of a sci-fi movie on the FX Channel—only this was the real thing.

Mitchy was going to be good as new in less than a minute…

Tell us who you are rooting for, to enter to win one of 5 Kindle e-copies, gifted by the author, of the Jessica McClain Novella: BLOODED. (This is only open to US entries because digital world rights are not live.)

That's right!
Amanda Carlson has graciously offered
5 Kindle e-copies of Blooded
for the taking.

Giveaway Ends:  June 15, 2012 11:59 pm EST
US only.  (sorry, as Amanda noted the digital world rights are not live.)

What To Do:
+3 ~~~ All you have to do, Tell us who you are rooting for.  Jessica or Mitch?  
Let us know in the comments.
Must leave a way to contact you if you win, email addy would be the best.

Extra Entries? 
You do not have to do these, but please help spread the word of this amazing giveaway, author and story.
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And awwway we go!  Round one is up and going!

Please stop by Amanda's site to learn about Full Blooded, her full length novel coming to us, as well.


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm definitely rooting for Jessica, I always go for the underdog and she's 100 lbs lighter and half a foot shorter so she needs some rooting for. :D

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com
    GFC: Barbara E.

    1. Barbara E. This was a knock-out read. ;) LOL But seriously one I found to love greatly. Good luck to you!

  2. Well, size isn't everything so I'll be rooting for the female. She's probably quicker and since raised by wolves, probably kickass!

    1. StephanieD. Heart has a big play in it too. ;D But size sometimes makes the last call. lol. Thank you!

  3. I am rooting for Jessica.

    1. Tore, Jessica is a strong character to root for! :D Thank you!

  4. Great excerpt - definitely Jessica - love strong female characters!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    leannessf at gmail dot com

    Extra entries:
    +2 Twitter follower: @leannessf
    +2 GFC follower: Leanne Goon
    +4 Tweeted:

    1. Leannessf - Thank you for stopping by to check out the event and enter! Good luck to you!

  5. Go Jessica go! Get that Itchy Mitchy!!

    Twitter follow @BooksThings
    GFC follower!

    1. LOL! Melissa (Books&Things) you are sooo good a the quick comments. ;D Get that Itchy Mitchy! :D Thank you!

  6. Twitted about your giveaway at:

    Goodluck to everybody entering!! :)

    Cherry Mischievous (non-US)
    (not an entry)

    1. Cherry, thank you greatly for sharing the giveaway. I really do appreciate it. :)

  7. I'm rooting for Jessica of course ;)

    +2 following Amanda via twitter @vanpham88
    +2 blog follower: Van_Pham

    Thanks for the giveaway Melissa & Amanda!


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