Friday, June 15, 2012

Freebies and Deals, on Nook too (16)

And we always have our thread at Barnes and Nobles to look through.

I do apologize to my friends over seas, in case the books aren't free there.  I'm sorry!

Today is the last day to get this Free on on Amazon.
(I have to say I heard the author talking about this book at Balticon, and it sounds AMAZING!  So had to share the last free day with you!)
The Hidden Institute by Brand Gamblin  -  Amazon Kindle
Rising above your station can be deadly. 

Cliffy is a child born on the streets of a Neo-Victorian world. Witnesses to a murder, he blackmails a nobleman, receiving a unique bribe. In exchange for his silence, the nobleman introduces him to the Malcolm Rutherford Holden Institute of Regentrification. There, Cliffy learns to walk, talk, and act like a nobleman, so that he may infiltrate high society. But that type of fraud is punishable by death, and when Cliffy uncovers a plot to assassinate a head of state, he's hunted by more than just the aristocracy. 

Royal intrigue, daring escapes, sub-dermal machines, and bear polo. A grand adventure in a not-so-distant world.

And that's about it.


  1. Sounds intriguing....reminds me a little of My Fair Lady, don't you think?

    1. Alexia, Oh maybe! I didn't think of that. Cool call. :) Hope you picked up a copy for yourself. Thank you!

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