Monday, June 4, 2012

Interview with an Urban Fantasy Picture Model

As many of you know I’ve been taken by the AMAZING pictures that depict some characters for The Gearheart: Artifice, in which I listened to and reviewed (hint, I've loved listening, do go check it out.). I know there are many people involved with Alex White in producing these very pictures. And today, I’m thrilled to have one of the actual models with us. I have the beautiful Kelsey Prater with us today.

M:  Welcome to the blog Kelsey! I’m thrilled to have you with us, to share your experience modeling as Astrid Blauvelt.

Astrid - "Machined Spirit"
Alex has a comment with one picture how easy it was for you to that made me feel you stepped right into Astrid’s life and brought her front and center. What about Astrid really made her stand out to you?

KP:  Astrid is very misguided and misunderstood. She's pretty much the best kind of evil genius you can have, the manipulated kind. I mean, to me she never truly meant to be a villain. Astrid wants to be loved and the Hangman manipulates her into believing that he loves her. She would do anything for that feeling, that love he shows her. I think that's why I love her, she is cold and calculating, but really just wants to be loved. She just resonates with me. We have some shared qualities.

M:  Where was the set for the pictures?

KP:  The pictured entitled "Machined Spirit" was shot in an old warehouse out in the area that we all kind of live. I will say it was so much fun, but a little taxing. The warehouse shoot was extremely hot and I was belted into a pleather outfit. Plus what you don't see is that I'm literally standing on two wooden 2x4s on an old lift, five feet off the ground. The "Renaissance of Keldenorn" was actually shot in Alex's kitchen! He has some amazing skills with graphics. We were just standing in front of a white sheet.

M:  You made a comment to me one day on Twitter that you all pretty much know each other. Did you all have a blast doing these photos?

KP:  I have really only been involved in the two pictures I'm featured in, but it is a real blast working with them. We are all friends that hang out every weekend, some of us even involved in a Gearheart table top d20 game that Alex runs. We're all good friends and I think that helps in both our chemistry and how we take direction during the shoots.

Hangman & Astrid - "Renaissance of Keldenorn"
M:  I have to say the picture of Astrid and the Hangman, is just breathe taking for me. How was that shooting? You knew the man that posed as the Hangman, correct?

KP:  Yes I knew the man who is our Hangman, Zach and I have known one another for about five years now. That shoot was very fun, I hadn't seen him in almost a year. He and I both come from a theatrical background and managed to keep our acting goggles on for the most part. I only had part of my coat on since Brooke Fox, the producer and model for Cog, and myself were actually trying to fix it. That shoot was one of the most comfortable to be involved in. I was able to spend time with an old friend and modeling in an air-conditioned space was a very welcome change. Honestly though, Alex gives wonderful direction, and his excitement over a shoot really keeps everyone happy and eager.

M:  Where you amazed with the finished product of the pictures?

KP:  Most definitely! Every picture that Alex has produced for The Gearheart is beautiful.

M:  Which picture out of all of them is your favorite? It can be one of you as Astrid or any of the other characters.

KP:  I really love the "Renaissance of Keldenorn" I think that is my favorite out of the two I was involved in, but personally I love "Homecoming". Brooke really is Cog for me and I just love her portrayal of her. There is just always something new to notice in "Homecoming" and I love that.

Cog - "Homecoming"
M:  Okay Kelsey, I’ll let you get back to the real world. Thank you greatly for stopping by and sharing your experience as Astrid’s model. I hope someday Alex has more he wants to do, and see you again in the future. :)

Are you amazed by these pictures as well?  I'll say, I heard great things about Alex's story, but when I saw the pictures it cinched the deal and I HAD to listen to the story.  And I found a story I loved, and look forward to reading and hearing more of.

Do you want to see more of these amazing pictures?  Or listen to the tale Alex has to share?  Stop by The Gearheart and have a look around.  The pictures are under the tab titled Wallpaper.  The story starts with The Gearheart: Artifice, and we can see more of Jonathan and Cog in Maiden Flight of the Avenger available on Amazon to read and on The Gearheart to listen to.  (I have my copy and will be reading very very soon.)

Also, if you go to Dragon*Con, this amazing group (including Kelsey) create commercials for Dragon Con TV.  The channel for the commercials each year is:  Enjoy!


  1. Great interview! It's so interesting to hear about pictures from the model's perspective. Thanks for this!

    1. Thank you Jenn! Glad that you stopped by! And it was really neat talking with Kelsey learning the inside scoop on how this happens. :)

  2. Oh this kind of modeling is the most interesting to me since the pictures tell a story (or really enhance it). Thanks for the interview. So interesting!

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh you are so welcome! I'm glad you stopped by to read it. These pictures, all of them, are amazing and well done by Alex and his team. :) Thank you!

  3. I assumed that because it's 3D that somebody talented sat for hours with a graphics software and that's it. I didn't realize that so much more goes on with the production of such stories!

    1. Cherry, I know! I was so surprised to learn the people in these pictures where real life people, and all the work they went through to do these amazing pictures. :) Thank you!


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