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Book Review: Love, Death, and Loneliness

Love, Death, and Loneliness

By:  Douglas Brown

Published By:  Smashwords

Publish Date:  March 2011

Format:  eNovella, 29pgs

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  A Short Story in The Light of Epertasian series; Book 1 ~ Legends Reborn

Recommendation:  Yes, if you like a new fantasy world.  And even if you read the first book, read this as it gives more of Rasi's history, and his feelings.

Book Synopsis:
Rasi hates his mountainous exile almost as much as he hates the man who banished him there.  "Love, Death, and Loneliness" takes a peek into one of Rasi's days in his brutal solitude.  His memories of a time gone by is all he has left to survive the loneliness.  And now, even those memories are more than he can take.

First Sentence:
Rasi lay next to a small fire on the cold stone floor of his cave home.

My Thoughts and Summary:
It's a bitter cold winter in the mountain cave.  Rasi is starving and aches through his bones.  The only thing helping him pull through are the memories of his desceased wife, his friends, and his hatred for the man responsible for him being here.  Though, these memories, happy or not, are starting to become to much for the broken man.

We see a few memories of people Rasi likes to think on.  One is his beautiful and now passed wife.  A fond moment.  Then we see a moment where Rasi shows his strength as a leading soldier, where he leaves with one other close friend to save their closest friend who's held captive.  It was nice seeing these two men with Rasi, in their glory again.  And to feel the bond these men have.  Then, in the end, we see Rasi struggling with his straps.  The struggle of who's in charge.

In this short story we get a glimpse of the fantasy world Rasi resides in.  We get a feel for stature his friends and fellow soldiers see him at, and the King's thoughts on him as well.  In the end I felt for Rasi again, and remembered the book.  I'm ready for book two to come out.

If you've not read the first book, that's okay, read this free short novella to get a taste of the world.  The only hints to the book are: Edonea, the straps, and something with Elijah.  If I hadn't read the book first, I would have hints to what was to come, but not spoiled in any way.  It might even make you curious about what is to come with getting a feel of a few important characters in the story.  But having read the first book, this refreshes my memories of it and I'm looking forward to the second book.

You can find Love, Death, and Loneliness for free on Smashwords in any eformat you need.

I read this for my own enjoyment.


  1. it sounds nice, I don't think I had a book about the memories of another person. I hope you'll enjoy book 2 as well.

    1. Melliane, thank you. It was nice for me as a refresher and to see a little more of the character, but I think this would be great to take a look at by new readers too. :) I'm looking forward to book two coming out this summer. :) Thank you!

  2. Hm... Sounds like something I don't have to read in order, but perhaps should. I like a book that really enhances what preceded it.

    1. Melissa (Books&THings) - Thank you. :) This was a nice refresher and a view into new parts of the characters life, and I think would be good for someone how hasn't started the series yet as well. :) Thank you!

  3. Free, well I can't say no to that, I do love free.

    1. Blodeuedd, do hope you check it out. There are new things in this fantasy world, but it's a decent read in the first book. And this will give you a little taste of the main character. :) Thank you!

  4. Hey Melissa!!!!!!!!!
    Oh gosh honey... No, it is I that needs to apologize! I am sorry that I have not been around! Life is very hard when you are having fun! ((OR working to much, lol))
    How is the family doing and how are they enjoying the summer??? Keeping you busy from the looks (or reads) of it!

    The job is rough, the promotion was nice, but they have not filled the spot yet... And then another co-worker put a one week notice in and left us. Her work load will make you question what she really did eight hours a day - because me and another coworker inherited her work... UGH!!!!!

    Other than that... My man does still treat me like queen, which has been awesome. Things are like I always thought they would be... A real relationship where two people love each other and would do anything for each other!

    Baby girl graduated high school and we are gearing up for college in the fall. Yes, you read that right.... college in the fall!!! I am ready for that because that is what I raised her for her whole life... But she has been and is my best friend... But she will only be an hour away! So, it won't be that bad!

    How is dear hubs treating you after all this running around with the kiddies!?!?!
    I promise to be back more!!!
    Hugs and love!!

    1. Cecile! Oh hon, no worries. It's been a crazy time of it for a while. LOL. I've been trying to keep busy anyway. ;) Hope things get calmed down at work for you. it's crazy when doing more than one persons work load.

      Glad the man is still treating you like a queen. :) Oh, and the baby girl... We celebrated my husbands daughters graduation at the beginning of the month too. They are going to be okay. Really, you have taught your girl well, so she will be strong and smart. :) And sounds like she will be close enough to visit regularly and in case mom is needed. :) That is good.

      The hubs is treating me well. Thank you for asking. Life still goes on. ;)

      Do take care! *hugs*

    2. Hey honey!
      Oh girl, it will be crazy until boss hires someone (two more someone else). But it keeps me busy and gives me a pay check! I am hoping things calm down a bit too!

      The man is wonderful. He makes me realize what a relationship is supposed to be like! And yes... I am so glad that baby girl has crossed hurtle in her life and of course to watch her grow and spread her wings to fly! :) Thank you for the kind words my dear friend. This is when you start to see those things we taught our kids come around! And I am so proud of her.

      I am also glad to hear that the hubs is treating you well! He needs to, you take care of everyone else ~ he needs to take care of you!!!!!

      Please do keep in touch! And of course I will keep in touch with you!!!
      Hugs honey!!!

  5. I am curious about this fantasy series and this sounds like a great way to give it a test ride. Thanks!

    1. Kimba, this does have the theme feel of the book to it, and a good taste of the story. The world is interesting and more in depth, of course, in the book. :) Hope you enjoy it if you try it. Thank you!

  6. Did this novella ended in a cliffhanger?

    1. Cherry, I wouldn't say as much a cliffhanger as I knew where the novel ended. But for ones who have not read the might be in a way. Now that you ask. I'd have to go back to the novella and read the end again.


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