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Flash Fiction Friday (48)

Dottie over at Tink's Place have come up with the idea for a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate you post your story on Friday - 350 words, give or take.

I have to thank Blodeuedd at Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell for introducing me to this fun meme. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with every week, but I'll give it a try from time to time.

The Image This Week:
(artist of picture, unknown)

Okay, I went back to continue with Sunny from Flash 47

Story by:  Melissa

The sadness that had started to well in her heart vanished as anger burned it's warmth within.  Sunny jumped to her feet, ready to attack, defend, or even run, depending on the mood of her Uncle.  A tall dark man turned the last spiral of the stairs to face her, a smile playing across his thick lips, but not sparkling in his eyes.

"Why?"  Sunny's voice cracked as anger closed her throat, before he could talk first.

Pillan chuckled as he descended the last few steps, "You remember me child?  I'm honored.  Now to the matter at hand, we can not make it easy for you, child."

"Easy!  What do you mean, easy?  I've spent years in service to these weak humans, and searching this world for the needed tools."

"Ah." Pillan started holding a finger up.  "That is part of your trouble.  Without these, what you call, weak humans we would have no power."

Sunny cut him off, "We created them.  They are nothing but little pests to us."

"Yes we did, and they were created to bring us to staying sane, have a purpose.  And without them worshipping us we would have no power here.  Nothing at all."

"So.." Sunny paused, "They are a game to us.  We play with them like toys?"

Pillan saw the thoughts racing through Sunny's mind at that comment, and they couldn't be good.  "No.  We don't play with them.  We guide them, learn from them, and remember what life is to us.  Precious and vulnerable.  More than just the games the gods play with each other.  We need them to keep us from killing each other."

Sunny starred at Pillan, not sure exactly what he was trying to get across to her.  She was not like these pieces of meat walking around on this land.  She is more than them and had a bigger meaning to her.

"I see that look.  Some of you young ones don't get it yet."  Pillan sighed.  "Okay.  Look here."

Pillan clenched his fist before him and splayed his fingers open.  A shiny silver oval with circular brass and silver stars framing it appeared before her.  Looking closely Sunny caught her reflection, looking right to her angry and saddened red rimmed eyes.  Sunny started to growl, she never cried.

"Sweety,"  Pillan started catching Sunny's attention, and looking to him. 

Pillan pointed to the mirror and with a downward flick of his hand the gears around the mirror turned, slowly one at a time until the whole frame was turning in numerous tiny circles.  The once shiny surface rippled and before her, she saw herself dressed differently.  

"This could be you, in time. Your time." was all Sunny heard as she stared at her image.

Her image is draped in the lace of Mehera the goddess of love and purity.  She looked as he skin and hair radiated with brightness, her sun shining through.  He power pendant hung from her hair line, accenting her calm forehead.  Slowly color seeps into the picture.  Rose to her cheeks, her reddened sour lips she had been chewing on, and one large single tear overflowed down her cheek.

Sunny chocked, as her wedding image vanished back to the poor peasant girl she is in this stinky world.  She will have her love.  But when?

Sunny sucked a deep breath.  "How long?" was all she whispered in a growl, but she wanted to know, how long will she have to suffer the agony of knowing it can happen.  

"As long as it takes.  Find your home, your purpose, and all will fit together."  Pillan clouded, blending with the dark clouds in the sky, along with the spiral staircase.

Riddles again.  What her uncle brought her was no gift, but torment to make her days here even worse.  She would play their little game now.  The people of this world would become her pawns and she will rule them all, as their Queen, or even as their Goddess.


  1. I bet you could really build on that! You set up a lot of interesting things in a very brief amount of time! awesome sauce!

    Beth ^_^

    1. Beth D. Thank you! I have to scale myself back on these sometimes. But still try to add lots of elements to it. :) Glad you liked it.

  2. A great flash and so coherent with the beginning of the story - thanks!

    1. Thank you Anachronist! I was hoping it would fit in with the prior one. So glad it did. :)

  3. Sunny just doesn't get it, does she? Nicely done.

  4. Love it!! But you knew I would, didn't you!

    No whipping this week! I really enjoyed Sunny even though she had quite the ambitions! :)

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) Thank you! Glad to see you enjoyed this little tale of Sunny. ;) And yeah! No Whipping this week. lol!

  5. Oh dear....sounds like Sunny is going to cause trouble. Hope no one gets hurt! Really love these stories! :)

    1. Alexia Thank you! Yes, she is getting ready to start on her diva streak. lol. And maybe a few hearts will get tromped on along the way. ;D Thank you!

  6. I see now, and I do wonder what Sunny will get up to. Nothing but trouble

    1. LOL! Blodeuedd, nope. Nothing but trouble, that devilish young girl. lol.

  7. Oh Sunny...poor "girl". I see much trouble in her future, but I do feel her pain a little on the love thing. It was cruel of him to show her that. I would be mad about that too.

    1. Carole Rae, yes, that girl is going to wreck some havoc everywhere until she gets to the top. :D Thank you!


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