Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolution Closeout for 2011

So we are coming to the close of 2011.  Do you remember that post about a year ago, you know the one with us making Bookish Resolutions?  How did you do with those?

I had 5 resolutions on my list.  Did I meet them all?  Lets see...

 1.  I have an idea for a new meme. I just need to iron out the details some and see if it will fly or dive. Never know until you try it out, right?  I did start a new meme, or 2!  Throwback Thursday and Who? What? Where?  So I did better than I thought! :D
  2.  To try to read more books than this year.  Thus far this year I've read 55 books and hope to get two more in.  So, I would like to try to read faster next year.  I did! As according to Goodreads I read 67 books in 2011.  Now I know I cheated a little with the shorter reads, but hey they are books too!
  3.  Try to do more interviews with authors. I like doing them and getting to know more authors, new and old.  I did start doing my guest posts and author interviews this year.  I've tried to be bolder in asking, and they said yes! :D If I could read a little faster this year, I'd really like to get more authors around.  See the thing is I like to have authors of books I've read and enjoyed to share more with you.  We will see. :)
  4.  Volunteer and/or offer to do giveaways more often. They are so fun to host!  I started to get more into giveaways before November with Nanowrimo, and have one going until the Jan. 1, 2012.  They are always fun to do and share books I've loved!
  5.  I want to write more this year now that things should be settling down, and dedicate one month this year to writing instead of reading.  That way more time can go to writing.  I DID IT! Yes, you see my winner button there on the side bar, so I accomplished this one.  This was the one that had me very worried, but I got through!

I got through better than expected when I made these last year!  I'm thrilled!  I was a little nervous at making this list if I would be able to pull through, and I did!  Yeah!

How about you?  How did you do with the New Years Resolutions in 2011?  I know things jump tracks on you when you aren't looking, so it's okay if that happened.

Share in the comments how you did. Or Link your Resolved Resolutions post here:

And keep an eye out for the next New Years Resolutions post for 2012!


  1. Congratulations! My main goal was to break the 100 book barrier and I did it. And heck yeah, short books count! ;)

    I'm still too shy to do author interviews, so congrats on working up the nerve!

  2. You did such an awesome job this year!!! Way to commit to the resolutions!!!

  3. I keep my new years resolutions fairly simple, so I don't have to stress about not living up to them. Basically, I just try to be a better person and a better writer in the new year by being more cognizant of the things I say and do. And likewise, I keep trying to work harder at improving my craft and always be learning, no matter where I am or what I do.

    Here's hoping 2012 brings you much health, happiness, and even more excellent reads!


  4. I got ...nothing ;D

    Maybe try to eat less candy? As if! And, dunno

  5. I did great! Last year I resolved to not have anymore resolutions! I did it! Yay me! ;D

  6. Alexia - Thank you! And Congrats to you for breaking the 100 count! :D YEAH! I'll get there, eventually. ;) And thank you! I've found, believe it or not, many authors are happy to do interviews is you ask, they are just as shy about it as we are asking. :) Best of luck to you this year!

    Michelle (Oh! For the Love of Books) - Thank you! I'm really hoping to make it through 2012 as well. :) Hope you have a wonderful new year.

    Lori Strongin - Those are great resolutions to work towards each year. :) I have found each year I have come more specific in just a few goals for the year. To try and challenge me a little more. But always have to work harder at everything. :) Thank you! And here's to an excited 2012 with you! :D

    Blodeuedd - Oh that's okay. :) Thank you for always stopping by!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - lol! So glad you made it through the year with your resolutions! :D Thank you!


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