Thursday, December 8, 2011

Movie Review: Pitch Black

Pitch Black

Released:  2000

Rated:  R

Genre:  Science Fiction Thriller

Recommendation:  No.  Not really.

A group of marooned space travelers struggle for survival or a seemingly lifeless sun-scorched world.

My Thoughts and Summary:
My men here love watching The Chronicles of Riddick.  I liked it for the world the first two times I saw it, after that well lets just say I go to another room when it's on.  It's always on tv and the boys love it.  I'm bored with it after the first 100 times.  But searching through Netflix I found this and thought they always wanted to see the "first" movie of The Chronicles of Riddick.  I never really searched for it as I could care less, but did get left with a feeling of another movie from The Chronicles of Riddick.  So being the kind wife I am, suggested I would watch it with him for his birthday.

Yeah, we should have left well enough alone.  Its just another science fiction movie on a deserted planet and all hell breaks loose.  The planet has two suns, where dark never falls.  But there is something that happened to the people who where here.  Something ugly and so many die.

We meet characters you see in the second movie, Jack and Abu.  Which is nice to see how Riddick met them.  We get to see Riddicks eyes and hear his brief story on getting them.  We even see him use those eyes a great deal here and get the visual affect of his eyes.

But for the story line... it was boring.  The movie moved slow and I realized I got lost.  Not really lost but I couldn't figure out at one point why they were taking so long to get back to the compound.  Yeah Riddick tells what's going on briefly, but I didn't remember they having to go through what they did to get back.  My mind was just not into the show and I wasn't paying attention.

As for rated R.  I think it's for language and blood.  There was a few f-bombs and lots of death.  Other than that nothing big.

My husband the big Riddick fan was disappointed in this one.  He thought it was boring and had to make a joke about my picks in movies.  Yeah, it wasn't all that hot.


  1. Yea, I didn't totally care for this series, but I like it enough for background when I'm doing other things. For me it is just that I didn't connect to his character.

    Btw, next time tell him that you'll pick a romantic comedy for the birthday show... LOL

  2. I loved this one, though I can understand why you didn't like it... you were spoiled by Chronicles first. :D

  3. Melissa (Books&Things) - I enjoyed the fantasy world created in the Chronicles, this one was just eaaa, for me. lol. I might have to pick a romantic comedy nest time. ;D

    Bryce - You might be right. I think we were looking for more like the Chronicles. I really did like the fantasy world created there, and this one didn't seem to have that element as much. It did with the creatures but that was it. So glad to hear you enjoyed this one. Thank you!

  4. The appeal for me of Pitch Black was getting the "back story" other than that it really did not do too much for the character of Riddick. Chronicle on the other hand took things to the level of greatness at times and total cheese at others. I love how he made friends with the nasty critters in the prison, "It's an Animal thing" just sounds so good in that particular scene!

  5. I really liked this movie when I watched it a while ago. The execution might be considered poor but I loved the idea.

  6. I'm sorry it wasn't for you. I think it was an interesting movie, a little too long sometimes I confess. It's funny because yesterday I watched the second one. Will you try it?

  7. Aww, that sucks it wasn't too good. I really dislike when movies just feel boring, especially when containing what should be action. I admit to never having seen The Chronicles of Riddick and I can't say I'm too interested to do so either... Great review though! :)

  8. Jackie B - For us, since we saw Chronicles first, Pitch Black did fill us in on some background. Which was nice to learn about. lol. I like the prison feel too. ;) Thank you!

    Yagiz - I think if we would have seen this one before Chronicles, we would have enjoyed it more. I think we were looking for something very different than what we got. :) Thank you! And so glad to hear you enjoyed this one.

    Melliane - Oh you saw this one too! It did seem to have long times to it. Oh yes, we watch Chronicles all the time. I think that's in part why we didn't care for this one, we were looking for something completely different. :) Thank you!

    Rebecca - Thank you for stopping by! And reading the movie review. :)


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