Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Beginnings (120) Vlog Style (7)

It's Monday...

Reviews Posted:
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
Double review of - End of the World & Champion of the Fey by S.A. Archer
Pitch Black

Current Read:
So I've been slow with the holiday hubub, sue me! :D
Bad-ass Faeries Just Plain Bad an anthology

Reviews to Come:
Aftershock by S.A. Archer
Cursed by S.A. Archer
Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Finished Last Week:
Storm Front by Jim Butcher

I did write a Flash Fiction last week, but not one of the best as I rushed it.  But you are welcome to go read it. :)

I don't think I had any special posts last week.

My WANT List...I added two books. Hmm, I think there must be something wrong with my computer. ;)

Books Received:
I've been wanting to listen to the Podcasts for this story, but seem to run out of time to sit down and listen.  I wish I could take it with me and listen, but things just don't seem to work right for me to do that...cell phone and tech stuff I can't seem to get to work.  So I was THRILLED to see he put it in reading format.
Goodreads Synopsis:
For Agent Ciris, the mission should have been simple: get in, apprehend the target, get out. But when the simple snatch and grab goes horribly awry, the worlds first cyborg finds herself backed into a corner. At odds with her superiors, she becomes embroiled in two conspiracies — one intended to destroy her with a cybernetic virus that will neutralize the technology that keeps her alive, the other intended to keep hidden the untold secrets of her origin. With the walls closing in around her, Ciris becomes a rogue agent with no one to trust and only one objective — unravel the shrouds of secrecy before time runs out.

So, how does your week look?  Hope it looks like a good one for you.

Me, yeah.  I'll be doing more running this week with kid and his stuff and preparing for holidays and going to Christmas parties.

Here's wishing you all the best in words and pages.

Now for the song of the week... we are in December right? ;D  I want to have fun.  So I'd like you to meet the Miser brothers....


  1. Next week it's cleaning time, bleh

  2. I wonder if this Bad-ass Faeries anthology is the same one I read. The cover looks different but I think the title is the same. Anyways, I remember enjoying it. There were some really interesting takes of fairies in it. I hope you enjoy it as well. Have a great week!

  3. Oh you are doing better than I... so you are going to pick up my slack, right? ;D

    BTW, the book loved it when the girls make an appearance. :)

    Oh and the miser brothers! <3 them!!

  4. Blodeuedd - Eee! Don't remind me about the cleaning! ;D Thank you for stopping by!

    Simcha - I just looked, it is the same Bad-ass Faeries anthology you read. :) I remember you enjoyed it. And there are lots of great stories here. :) Thank you! Hope you have a great week as well.

    Melissa (Books&Things) - LOL! Slack!?! Oh my! I thought you were picking up my slack! :D lol. Oh, so glad he enjoys seeing the girls when they stop by the blog....well Sheba, my baby, seems to be the only one but you get to hear Athena in the background. ;D Thank you!!


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