Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cover Release!

I have read 3 different series by this author, Philippa Ballantine, and enjoyed them all.  After reading Chasing the Bard, I mentioned she is one, in my book, to keep an eye on as she has great writer mojo in her and loads to share with us.  Her next book has a cover!  And will be released this summer coming...

Hunter and Fox
By:  Philippa Ballantine
Due Out:  Late June 2012
Cynthia Sheppard is the artist.  Amazing work on her site.
You can preorder this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

When the blurb becomes available I'll share it with you as well.


  1. Yikes! Is that a horse with horns?

    Wicked! :)

  2. I want a horse like that! Seriously, I would! Tells a lot about me, doesn't it. LOL

    I agree... I love her work. I need to read more of her!!

  3. That horse is giving me the frights! I suppose it complements the story well.

  4. Blodeuedd - :) Glad you like the cover!

    Missie - hee hee, yes! I love the looks of the horse, it's a demon! :D

    Melissa (Books&Things) - LOL! I do too! :D So glad you enjoy Philippa's writing. And hope you enjoy the rest too!

    StephanieD - lol. The horse is a demon horse. :) I love the sounds of that. Thank you!


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