Friday, December 16, 2011

YA Reading Challenge 2012

First 2012 feels so weird to type.  But on to a new year, and new Reading Challenges.

Jackie of The Novel Nation and I are working together to create a site with a few Reading Challenges to get us reading next year.  (Please work with us as we are just starting out with the ideas.  Hopefully, we will grow with this each year.)

One of the Reading Challenges I'll be joining is:

The Challenged Writers YA Reading Challenge

I joined one last year and somewhere along the year the host kind of stopped.  So I wanted to find another one. There are so many amazing YA Speculative Fiction (or Fantasy) books coming out and I want to read them.

I'm looking forward to hosting this at The Challenged Writers and joining you in the challenge!

So, do you want to join us?  Go to the new site and link up!  Head over and link up with your post, and once the new year starts we will be on a roll.

This year there will be prizes after the end of 2012, if you complete it!


  1. Good luck with this, I'm still considering which, if any, challenges I will take part in next year.

  2. I hope you meet all your challenges in 2012!

  3. It's so awesome that you guys do these reading challenges. What a great way to find new reads that might otherwise go unnoticed! Curious--how do you find/chose the books you read for each challenge?


  4. I love the challenge pic! I need to get my challenges sorted and planned yet!

  5. I tend to join too many challenges, so need to plan which ones I'm going to join next year. Good luck with this one!

  6. Petty Witter - Thank you! Hope you enjoy and wish you all the best with the challenges you choose. :)

    Carol - Thank you!

    StephanieD - Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to 2012 in books. :)

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Thank you! :D

    LoriStrongin - Thank you! I am hoping to be able to pick up many people who want to share books with others who love the same books. :) We pick which ever books we want, or know of that fall in the challenge area, the vast fantasy genre with this one. But you get to pick the books you want to read. On the challenge blog I'm hoping to have people follow other links and check out books they might never have found or thought about before. :) Thank you!

    Sheila (Bookjourney) - Hi! :D Thank you! So glad you love the picture. :) And best of luck with the challenges you pick. :)

    Alexia - Thank you. And I wish you all the best with all the challenges you pick up as well. :)

  7. Great idea, Mel! Thanks for starting this!! :)

  8. Lisa @ Read.Breathe.Relax. - Thank you! And you are very welcome. :) I know the YA Challenges are hard to find. :) Thank you!


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