Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who? What? Where? (46)

Who are you with? Where are you at? What's happening?

Share with us just a little bit of what is happening in the book you are reading, right where you are now.

Just a tiny taste of what's happening, remember try to not give spoilers of the book.

(This is a new meme I'm going to try and will tweak as I go. And please don't laugh at my lame attempt at drawing. ;D )

I'm with four men, all of supernatural dealings, in Narkane a supernatural neutral ground for all from different dimentions.  Listening to the story about the cockroach faeries!  I know, sounds bad but not least yet. :)

Do You Believe?
Bad-Ass Faeries
Just Plain Bad


  1. I am as most of the time nowhere, you always catch me between books ;)=

  2. I'm in a high school trying to tell my former boyfriend about the Underworld while being pursued by my immortal wannabe lover.

  3. Superheros! I'm so sick of superheros! Although I'm related to several. Right now, I just want some normalcy. :)

  4. With four men? Woozer!


    I'm hanging with a half vamp, half mage investigating a wine vineyard. :)

  5. Blodeuedd - Oh, oh well. :) I'm just glad you still stopped by. :)

    StephanieD - Oooo, That sounds like a wild place. :) Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Superheros! LOL! Wow! :D Thank you!

    Missie - lol! Oh, I wonder who you are with, would it be Sabina? Hope you enjoyed it!


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