Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday's Beginnings (121) Vlog Style (8)

It's Monday, and I'm exhausted...

Reviews Posted:
Aftershock by S.A. Archer

Current Read:
Thanks to the craziness I'm putting myself through with the holidays... I'm still reading Bad-Ass Faeries, Just Plain Bad - an anthology.

Good thing, at least I'm not forgetting the storyline as it's a collection of short fey stories.

Finished Last Week:
Yeah, thank you holiday running, nothing finished last week.

I did write a Flash Fiction Friday.  Hope you enjoy it if you stop.

Special Post:
I decided today and posted, End Of Year Book Giveaway! With 2 Winners!
YA Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge
A-Z Reading Challenge

My WANT List... sorry, I haven't added any. I've been crazy with Christmas stuff.

Books Received:
Nope, none.  Spent all on Christmas shopping.

Did get a short story from Tor in their email though, by Ken Scholes.

So, how does your week coming look?  Good or bad on the reading and book front?

For me, I'm thinking bad on the reading front with Christmas.  We have loads of Wrapping, Cleaning, and Running to do.  I'll probably be absent around here most of the week as I'm way behind my usual.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday, any you celebrate. :)

Wishing you all the best in words and pages!

And the song to leave you with today... just call me a sucker for guitars and long hair. ;) All mixed with Christmas.  I couldn't find a video of the band alone, so don't mind the screaming of the fans.  They give one amazing show from watching this!


  1. Hey honey!!!! Oh how I have missed you and I hope all is well! How has life been treating you!?!? What's going on in that household of your's! Especially for the Christmas season!!!

    Things have settled for me in my new home and the family has kinda accepted the way things are now. The Mr's still treats me like a Queen and I could not ask for anything better than that! Job wise... Well, let's just say that I am thankful that I have a job.
    The baby girl is waiting for college acceptance letters... Oh gosh, where does the time go!?!?
    Hugs and kisses!!!
    Love ya!

  2. This is the busy season, so working long hours at work and it's really cutting into my reading time. :(

    Love the sound of Bad-Ass Faeries, so will have to check it out. Anthologies are my favorite, as you get a little taste of so many different authors!

    Have a great holiday!

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  4. I am doing abysmal on the reading front. I read two books in all of November. And I don't know how many books I'm going to finish this month. There are just too many activities this time of year.

  5. A great way to spend my Tuesday, I love your Monday Beginnings.Full of busy like everyone else, I'm looking forward to seeing which books Father Christmas brings me.

  6. I haven't felt well, but still have been reading. Oh and sometimes you just need a break from reading. Makes it so much fresher when you get back.

    Great song, btw!

    Happy holidays to you!

  7. Arghh, I pre-posted at the contest entry, well I got all the important info in. I can just say awesome contest here then :)

  8. Sorry everyone! Sorry took so long to respond. Darn these holidays, and now I've got a head cold. *sigh* Can't win...

    Cecile Smutty Hussy! Hey! So glad to see you! I'm so sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. I haven't been doing much around the blogging world here in about 2 months. I joined the Nanowrimo in November, which took all my time, and then December with holidays, well that one speaks for itself. :) But everyone is doing wonderfully here! The husband treated us all wonderfully for Christmas too. (he spoils us all.) Sounds like the new home is wonderful! :D And we all deserve to be treated like a Queen. So glad to hear. :)Sorry to hear the job is just a job. Hopefully something better will come around. Oh my, and the little one is waiting to hear from Colleges! my oh my. Lots of luv to you! :D *hugs* Take care!!

    Alexia - I hear ya on the reading time. I'm not as much over in hours at work, but trying to keep up at home and visits and prepping for holiday. I do hope you get to check out the Bad-Ass Faeries as I've really enjoyed it. :) Thank you!

    StephanieD - So glad to hear I'm not the only one having troubles with reading these last few months. :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

    Melissa - Books&Things - Oh I hope you are feeling better by now. :) I've got that terrible head cold now. *sigh* Hope you had a happy holiday! :)

    blodeuedd - :) Thank you! So glad you like the giveaway. I just felt I had to share something! :D


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