Monday, May 3, 2010


****Contest Closed****
Winners to be announces

There are NOT very many times I would throw a party for hitting 3 digits... age, weight... nope not many.

BUT, 100 FOLLOWERS is a big thing!  I feel that what I have to say is important and others want to hear (well read) it.

THANK YOU ALL for following me!

I have been thinking for a few weeks on what to do for the 100 Followers contest.

So, to celebrate I want to give away something.  There are so many of us out here with large Want or Wish List, so large may not be a big enough word for it... ENORMOUS Wish List.  So, I would like to give one lucky follower a $15.00 Amazon gift card toward getting something from this list.


1.)  You must be a follower with Google Friend Connect.

2.)  I like things simple.  So, only one entry is needed.  No extra entries, as I just get confused with all that figuring. ;)  But, if you would like to share with others by anyway possible it would be appreciated. :)

3.)  Leave a comment in the comment section.  Anything will do, let me know what you like here, any advice to improve on any aspect here, or even any new ideas for me.  I am always curious of new ideas; they may work, they may not - but I would still like to hear them.

4.)  Please leave an email address so I can contact the winner.

5.)  Giveaway will end May 15, 2010 and winner will be picked May 16, 2010.  You will then have 48 hours to respond for your prize.

EDIT:  Sorry, I didn't mention on whether this was international or not.  But, IF AMAZON delivers to you, you can win the ECard. :)


Robin K said...

Congrats dear! Your blog is beautiful! I love the browns.

I will tweet the contest :)

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Dren said...

Great site!! I'm a Google follower!!

Simcha said...

How exciting! Great contest! And I love the flashing 100, makes it very dramatic. Please count me in!

ParaJunkee said...

Congrats doll! I hope this lands you up to 200 followers. Woot woot

parajunkee at gmail dot com

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

congrats on the contest --Google follower

aprilmom00 at gmail dot com

Readerly Person said...

Congratulations! I'm totally in.

- Rebecca


Seak (Bryce L.) said...

You run a great blog, wouldn't know what to change. I could however take notes. :)


robsad79 said...

Congrats :)

Aubrie said...

Congrats on reaching 100! I'm a follower.

aubriedionne at yahoo dot com.

Cherry said...

Please count me in!

Re-posted your contest at:

And more power to your blog Melissa!!!

Cherry Mischievous
mischivus101-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

ladystorm said...

OOOH I love gift card! Congrats on getting to 100 followers and thanks for the nice contest.


Melissa said...

Add a button like I have on mine where you can tweet, FB, or other social network your stuff!

Other than that I'd have to say Congrats and if you reach 100 lbs, I'm taking you to the hospital or a burger joint (unless you are 4'10" like my best friend was, then it's acceptable). :)


Inked Books said...

Yay for the 100 followers!


SouthernLady23 said...

Congrats on reaching 100! Your graphics are awesome *applause*. Thanks for the Twitter link - adding you now. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 120 already :D

Anonymous said...

yay, congrats on 100! Now OVER 100! :)
Thanks for the lovely giveaway also.

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

donnas said...

Congrats on the followers!!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Zia said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers.


GMR said...

Congratulations on the 100 (now +) followers! Proud to be one of the original 100... ^_^
Off to add mention of your contest to my sidebar and perhaps a tweet! Here's to getting 100 more!


Spav said...

Congrats on your 100+ followers!


katia said...

WOOT! i love amazon :) i am a new follower...your blog actually looks very intresting. I am off to go read some of it now!

Dawn Hullender said...

Congrats of passing 100 followers! I, myself, just passed this milestone and it feels wonderful doesn't it?

I love your blog layout, very professional ;-)


Christa said...

New follower. : )

My only thought after looking through your blog is maybe a rating system? 1-5? That kind of thing. But then, I'm "star" partial, so if you don't like that, don't listen to me, lol. Otherwise, I love your blog. I especially love that the coloring/design is "clean" instead of cluttered with too many graphics/extras.

Thanks for the giveaway!
ambience.of.rain {at}

Jen said...

HAPPY OVER 100!!! What a great contest!!!

my email address is: jenniferdaiker(at)gmail(dot)com

Moonsanity said...

Congrats!!!! I need to do this too:) I love your colors too. I'm not sure what to suggest because you are doing things I NEED to do! LOL The three colums for instance:)

Cecile said...

You go girl!!! Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!
Congrats is in order!!!!
Girl, you know I follow you!!!
Enter me in!!!

elaing8 said...
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elaing8 said...

Congrats on 100+ followers

I am a follower


WonderBunny said...

Congrats on the 100 followers! That's awesome and you have a wonderful blog so you deserve it. :)

I want to know how you get the lines between everything.

Shy said...

Hi! First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on reaching 100 followers =)

I like a lot about your site though I think it is a good idea to put the awards you've received on one separate page so that the page doesn't go too far to the bottom. Just my opinion though but overall, I love your blog and I'm glad that I stumble upon it.

Congrats again and thanks for the giveaway =)


....Petty Witter said...

Well done on reaching 100 followers, what better reason to celebrate.

A follower, I wouldn't change anythng about your blog - I like your book reviews finding them very honest and I love your balderdash posts.

You don't say if the giveaway is open internationally but I'll leave my e-mail anyway.

GABY said...


It's the first time I visit your blog, but I like everything :D

I'm a new folllower.

magabygc AT gmail DOT com

Booklover1335 said...

I love the section on your blog with quotes from books. If you ever change anything about the blog, keep this. I think it's unique and say something about the books that catch your eye.

Congrats on 100!

booklover1335 AT gmail dot com

Ryan G said...

Congrats Mel! You have a wonderful blog and I'm so glad I was there from the begining. I wish you all the success and 100000000000000 and more followers. Thanks for the giveaway!

Arya said...

Congrats on the 100 followers! I haven't quite gotten there myself, but I'm working on it. ;) Your blog looks great! I'm a new follower and look forward to seeing your future posts.

God bless,


The Bookish Type said...

Congrats on reaching 100 Followers! I love your site - it's very clean and professional-looking! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

thebookishtype [at] yahoo [dot] com

pixie13 said...

Congrats on 100+ followers. I love the browns; darker colors are easier on my eyes.
I say, don't change anything about the content of your blog. I love your reviews & your Monday Beginnings posts.

Anonymous said...

yea! congrats on 100 followers. you site looks great! love book blogs!
I am a follower thru google friend connect..its under my twitter acct.

Bookie said...

Congrats on the followers. I like the browns. Its easy to see the writing and doesn't hurt my eyes.

I'm a follower.


Tiffany Harkleroad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany Harkleroad said...

I cannot wait until I get that many followers! Thanks for the contest opportunity!

Please check out my profile and my 3, that's right I have 3, blogs!

Also, I am in Twitter @tiffanysblogs and facebook

email is tiffanyniekro at gmail dot com

Thanks again!

throuthehaze said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I am a follower
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Sena said...

Congrats on your followers! I am one of them :) Thanks!
sena.sagani [at]gmail[dot]com

Bells said...

Congrats and look at all of your followers now! Here's to many more followers in the future.

aliena.loye said...

congratulations on 100 followers!!
great contest thanks so much

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Congratulations on 100 followers! And thanks for stopping by to my Tuesday Teaser. I am going to add your contest to my Friday Fantasy Contest Bar tomorrow and hopefully a few more ppl will wander on over to your site!

Miranda ~ SweetVernal Zephyr
mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

Alexia561 said...

Congratulations on breaking 100! *throws confetti* Love your blog and wouldn't change a thing! Here's to the next 100! :D

alexia561@yahoo dot com

Audrey; (AyC) said...

Ooh, awesome giveaway, and congrats on breaking 100! well, youre now at 136 so double congrats :) i'd love to enter. and I love your blog the way it is

Okapi said...


Tyson said...

Congratulations on hitting the triple digits. I always appreciate you commenting on my sites.

Donna said...

Congratulations on your follower count! Happy moment for you I'm sure. :)

Take care and I wish you many more followers!


Amelia said...

Hey congratulations! You're almost to 200 now :D

jacabur1 said...

Melissa since we follow each other and you were my 100th it is only fitting that you now have 143 and that was because I changed from Anonymous follower to Public GFC Follower, which I though I already was. Thanks for the easy peasy and I will post it on Google Buzz and Tweet shortly...

After all you do have some things that we all like to read and would like to let more folks know that!!!
jackie b central texas

angie said...
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Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Congrats on 143 followers already! :-) And thanks for the great giveaway!!

I would like to recommend you Master of None by Sonya Bateman, a brilliant debut and laugh out loud funny novel!

- I'm a new follower

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Chas @ LLL in the 808 said...

Weee heeee!!=)
This is so exciting... congrats to you Melissa. You work so hard on your blog and blogging-I can see how much you love it.

One thing I am digging about your blog is the book quotes in the sidebar!

Thank you for all your awesome contributions to the blogosphere!=)


Jackie said...

Congrats on the milestone! You know I'm one of your frequent visitors here (yet still feel I don't visit enought :-p) I love seeing the books you review, because, for the most part, I haven't heard of many of them before.

On a side note, as a fellow bookkeeper, I understand the reluctance for adding up those entries when we do it all day...gotta switch off the interal calculator at some point, right? *G*

everexpandinglibrary AT gmail DOT com

E.J. Stevens said...

Congrats on 100 Followers! Now almost at 150, yay! :)

This is such a great giveaway for book lovers. My Amazon wishlist is HUGE. LOL.


Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

From one Mel to another, congrats!

hefollowedme AT gmail DOT com

kimscarecrow said...

Wow congrats. :)


Cari said...



Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Sorry I'm late to the party! Congrats on the followers and now I see that you're at 151...awesome. I like your blog and your reviews. Remember, you're my go-to girl for fantasy! I wouldn't change a thing about your blog, but I will say, if you like cats, you could join in on my Cat Thursday meme...LOL! No pressure. =O) Are you still doing FFC? I'm going to start back up next week...I hope!

Thanks so much for the giveaway! Of course, you know I'm a loyal follower.


angie said...

Congrats on your followers! I am a new follower and glad to have found your blog!

Mari said...

Congrats on the milestone. You can never have too many followers.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching so many followers! :D

Anna ♥

Sara said...

Thanks for the contest! I've just discovered you blog, so I don't know much about it yet, but it looks pretty good. :)

Sara @ The Hiding Spot

carmen said...

I'm following! Congrats on 100+ followers. Definitely a great milestone!

junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

Pixie said...

Congrats on your following!


Team JC said...

I am happy to be a follower! Thanks for the giveaway!
teamjc09 (at) gmail (dot) com

amandawk said...

Congrats on 100 followers!
amandarwest at gmaildotcom

Carol M said...

I'm a Google follower!!

I'd love it if I could have your posts delivered to my email box everyday! Have you considered adding either Feedburner, Feedblitz or Wordpress so that we could sign up for them. Thanks!
mittens0831 at aol dot com

Jolynn_Reads said...

My hobby is reading and I really like this blog.

Martha Lawson said...

Congrats on all the new followers! Please enter me in the contest. Love the look of your blog, the colors are very pretty!

I am a new follower on gfc.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

alli said...

Congrats! I'm already a follower!

northssclub at yahoo dot com

Laura Hartness said...

Congratulations! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, and for making it simple. Always a nice treat!

Laura Hartness
The Calico Critic
CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

Laura Hartness said...

Oh, also: I like the quotes on the right sidebar. It's like a little snack from the book!

VampedChik said...

Awesome site! I follow on google.


FionaChan said...

ohoh enter me!

a beautiful header and a matching button for your blog would be nice :D

hope it's not too late. timezone lol.