Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Series or Stand-Alone Novels?

Do you seem to be drawn to Series or Stand-Alone Novels?
I am a guest blogger over at Drying_Ink and the post is what I was thinking on, for myself anyway. Stop over Jacob's blog to read and comment your thoughts. Click on Drying_Ink to go there, read, and comment. We would love to hear what you have to say.
I am curious to see what you are drawn to and why...


  1. In a nut-shell both, Though at the moment I'm trying to lay off books that are part of a series and read stand-alone novels instead. I think this is because some series seem to go on and on, the author not knowing when to stop so that they all begin to read alike (know what I mean?) and become predictable. Not usually a problem when there are only a few books in the series but it can so easily become one.

  2. I enjoy both but I read so much I sometimes find it hard to find new authors so I enjoy finding a new author with an existing series going so that I have a few books to keep me occupied! I also love getting invested in the characters which is harder to do in a stand along novel.

    Love your site and I am passin on some blog award love.


  3. Thanks Lindsey! I will stop by tomorrow and pick up the award. I have started enjoying both as well. As long as I get an awsome story and a great characters and world I am good with the book or books. Thanks for stoping by to share your thoughts!


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