Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movie Trailers - 1 Comedy & 2 Science Fiction

Movie trailers for you to check out. One Comedy and two Science Fiction trailers.
You know how there are always movie trailers before the movie starts at the theater... Well, I saw a few trailers at the theater on Saturday and really liked them. So, I thought I would share them with you to get some ideas on what you think.

This first one just looked hilarious to me. I love Robin Williams and really like John Travolta. I HAVE to go see this movie! I just hope there are many more funny parts other than what is in this trailer. It looks as the release date is November 25, 2009.

Old Dogs

This next movie is a Science Fiction movie. Some how my son new of this movie before I did. He thinks he wants to go see this one, I am not sure just yet. I need to see more reviews on this before I say yes or no to him. It looks as it is to be released December 18, 2009.


This next movie I saw on a poster in the theater and had to look up the trailer for it at home. Is there anyone out there that remembers Tron? This movie is based on that. I am not sure if the story line will be any good but the graphics look as they could be nicely done. It looks as though it wont be out till 2010.

Tron Legacy


  1. okay I watched the old school version of this a while ago...wow

  2. I cannot wait for Avatar. It looks very well made...high hopes riding on this one. Plus...they're just so pretty! : D

    Jessica W. - Book Bound

  3. Julie - it has been a while, huh? I hate to admit that myself.

    Jessica W. - I think I am looking forward to Avatar, at least the more I see the trailer I am. The people have caught my attention. I love the coloring and looks. I have to agree, very pretty!

  4. Man, these were really cool thanks for sharing!! I really wanna see the Avatar one :)

  5. Jessica (BookLover) - You are welcome. I hope you enjoyed the trailers. And thank you for stopping by.

    Krista - Glad you enjoyed the trailers! I think I am going to have to go see Avatar. I like it as well.


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