Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character (11)

Favorite Fictional Character
Thanks to the creative mind of Ryan at Wordsmithonia who started this on Wednesdays.

Since I put up the post of a few movie trailers and mentioned in it that I love watching Robin Williams, I got to thinking. When did I really start watching Robin Williams and loving his acting? Well, I remembered my answer. Yep, you got it. Mork from Mork and Mindy.

I loved watching this show growing up. There was always lots of laughter in watching this show. This show ran from 1978 through 1982.
Mork was an alien from Ork. (Mork from Ork.) Mork came to earth in an egg, yes and egg. Mork was here to understand human behavior and translate it to his home. Mindy was the lucky person to find Mork and once realizing he was an alien let him stay at her home and helped him to better understand humans.
A few of Morks favorite phrases were: Nanoo Nanoo - his greeting to others and Shazbot - his term for cursing. I remember when you told him to go ahead and sit down, he would go over to the seat and put his head down in the seat with his bottom up in the air. *hahaha* I still get a smile now thinking of it. Mork and Mindy eventually fall in love, get married, and Mork has an egg which results in their son.
If you have never seen Mork and Mindy I have attached the opening theme for you to watch. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. I remember this show. My mom used to watch it all the time so I would every once in a while. What a quirky character to showcase.

  2. Hey, Ryan. I liked the humor in it. It was good for a laugh or at least a chuckle. That is what I get for trying to go back in time and remember when...


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