Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday's Beginnings (13)

This is the beginning of a new week!

So, I am wondering:

Where you are in your books or are you starting a new book for the new week? The beginning of the week always seems to be a great time to start anew. To me it seems to be the way Monday goes is a sign of how the week will follow. Have you been able to get much reading time in today? Or are you going to be rushed all week to get everything into the short 24 hour day?

I am still adding numerous books to my reading list. This week I have picked up four books. It is only four this week. Sorry. I do have to say much of my Christmas list this year is going to consist of books, which you all have contributed to. So thank you all! This is still a wonderous thing! You are all helping to keep me out of trouble and these wonderful authors in work. I am kind of trying to make notes of books to read but the must, must reads are on the top of the list (that is what list these books are on).

I have finished no books this past week. I am still reading Bauchelain and Korbal Broach by Steven Erikson, this book is on my right sidebar. I am hoping to be done with this book tomorrow as I think I only have 25 pages left to read.

I do want to apologize for not being as chatty as I normally am. I am trying to get myself back to some schedule here. I have tried to get back into my exercising on the Wii Fit for at least an hour 3 times a week, blogging, reading, and commenting on a book club forum. Needless to say I seem to always be running out of time on my items with doing house hold chores and everyday things along with the kid at basketball or training or what ever else he has going on. I think I am keeping up well but my comments have decreased and I am sorry for that.

As for today, I tried to get some reading done this evening but it seemed to be a flop. I sure hope this is not the way the week is going to go, especially since I do only have about 25 pages left to read in my current book. Well, I am going to try and get some blogs read for a little tonight before bed.

So not much getting done here lately with the many things of live.

Now... this leaves us with one question left... Where are you?


  1. I was going to read tonight too and then .... well I didnt. :) I have been catching up on blogs and now am too tired to read. :)

  2. I started a new book last night but only made up to chapter two before being overcome by sleep.

    Damn sleep...I wish I didn't have to sleep. It is such a waste of time when I could be either reading or writing. ~pouts~

  3. Haven't been sleeeping too well so am doing nearly all my reading during the night. Have 100 or so pages of my latest read to go before deciding what to read next - decisions, decisions.

  4. Things would be so much easier and we could get everything done if only we had a few more hours tacked onto the end of each day.

    Am trying to catch up on my blogging, so haven't gotten much reading done. Will try to carve out some time later, but keep dozing off as I'm taking pain pills for my knee. Makes the pain go away, but then I can't read! Decisions, decisions...*L*

  5. Sheila - I know how it is. I always have good intentions on reading and blogging timing out perfectly. But, it just never really happens to work together.

    Jessica - I hear you. Why do we need sleep? Who needs sleep? I know we use to say we will get enough sleep when we are dead, but it never works that way. I still need it. I hate that...

    Petty Witter - 100 pages to go. That is great. I understand the decisions on books. I am at that point now. I had to go look at the shelf to figure out what was next to read.

    Alexia - Glad to hear you are well!! GREAT!! Oh yeah, forgot the pain pills do do that. Sorry to hear that. Are you planning on being busy - with 31 books! wow! Don't want to be short. *lol* Great!


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