Thursday, November 19, 2009

Balderdash (13)

Word Verification Balderdash
is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books.

This is very easy to do.

If you comment on blogs you can do this too.

Write down all the word verifications you get while posting comments on other peoples blogs.
You then play Balderdash with them.
In case you don't know how to play, you take the made up word and come up with an authentic sounding definition for it.

Do this for a week and then post your best or favorite ones every Thursday.

Here are mine for this week:
cogypto - these are hieroglyphics of an old dead language that young children write to communicate with each other before they are able to write letters of the current day alphabet and forget these.
epersh - a rare and beautiful fish that lives high in the hidden mountains of Ersh where human kind have never treaded.
jurallo - this is the name of a creature that is of humanoid standing but is part jura, a large cat with acute senses and very good at remaining in the shadows and not being seen by the human eye.
wabill - the unbalance you feel in the morning when you get out of bed quickly and still have asleep, then meet the door way head on... Good morning.


  1. So do Jurallos eat epersh? Great words this week.

  2. That is so me... wabill. I wabill to the coffee pot... daily.... trying not to clip the door! LOL

    Nicely done! Thanks Melissa! :)

  3. I like cogypto. I wonder what the hieroglyphs actually look like...

  4. Wabil - something I encounter on an almost daily basis.

  5. Ryan - Maybe Jurallos do eat the epersh. I didn't think of that! Cats and fish, they very well could!

    Sheila - wabill happens to me all the time. I am very good friends with the door frame of my bedroom. ~chuckling~

    La Coccinelle - I thought the cogypto would be creative to see and learn. lol

    Petty Witter - Yup, I think I do the wabill as well my self, regularly.


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