Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Tuesday...Where are you? (5)

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This week I am only reading one book and in one world.
Maxine and I just dropped Grant off at the airport. He is heading to Shanghi to help an old friend. Maxine and I have a bad feeling, we just know it is a trap. I am not sure what supernatural creature is going to be waiting but there will be something; zombies, avatar, some sort of demon. The boys on Maxines skin are sleeping now but they have been very agitated this morning. With the visit of a stranger and Mary's premonition of Grant dieing, oh yeah and Maxine getting shot in the head. *shiver* Just not a good morning. Maxine has a way figured out that she will be able to get to Grant over in Shanghi without all the paperwork of visas and such.
Darkness Calls
By Marjorie M. Liu


  1. Mmm...sounds like a very tricky situation (not to mention dangerous, too!). Hopefully Grant pulls through and finds the answers!
    Thanks for coming by my blog earlier! I love this feature.

  2. I'm finding some really fun memes through you. I just participated in this one for the first time.

  3. Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) ~ I just reviewed the first book. I hope you get to read both of them and enjoy them. I really enjoyed the first book, and so far so good on this one as well.

    Celi.a ~ I am pulling for Grant myself. I really like his character. No problem coming to you blog. I love reading these Tuesday teasers and Where are you memes. You really get a nice glimpse of the books. I do read your reviews as well, even if I don't leave a comment all the time. I have been tight on time lately for commenting as much as I like.

    Simcha ~ I did stop by. I am glad you are enjoying the memes. I am glad to see you did the meme as well. It is fun to do and I enjoy the information I get on the books.

  4. Wow, does this ever sound unusual! (added to it the fact that it sounds like you have multiple personalities, lol). Can't wait to read your review on it.

  5. Hi Jackie. It does sound unusual, that is part of what pulled me to this series. I loved the idea of the tattoos. Glad you stopped by!


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