Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Review (2)

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
There has been talk of this movie coming out. And after reading what everyone had posted about this movie and doing research on the books to find it is a book of Vampires but geared toward the younger crowd, I shared this idea with my son ~ who has seen the commercials on tv as well.
If you have not seen the commercials for this movie or read the books yet here is a short summary of the movie. Your main character, Darren, is a young boy, whom is attracted to spiders, goes to see a circus (as we would say). This circus is called Cirque Du Freak. It ends up Darrens best friend Steve recognizes one of the cirque people to be a Vampire. All in all, which is quickly at the beginning of the movie, Darren must make a choice wheither to leave his family and friends to go live with the Cirque Du Freak... as a vampire.
So, we went to see this movie last night. My view is from the view of a person who has NOT read the books yet. I have to say we all enjoyed the movie. We went with another family to watch this and when the movie started there where a total of 13 of us in the theater. I do hope this movie is doing better in other areas or other times of the day.
I have to say if you have a young budding paranormal fan in your house this is a movie to go see. My son usually scares of the vampires and werewolves thing. But, he is starting to get older and able to handle them better. This movie though makes the vampire idea interesting and entertaining as well. There are no gross scenes that we normally see as adults in vampire movies. There is also great humor that we all laughed at. Then there was a few things that we were able to talk about in the way of thoughts. There was only one thing that caught my attention and got to me, it was the wallpaper in Darrens home. I am sorry it was just very... eye catching and distracting. But I did enjoy the movie.
When we walked out of the theater my son said he wants the books to read them. I told him he has quite the stack here to read now, then we will move on to these. I have to agree with him though, I am ready to go purchase the books to read them. The book is always better than the movie, right?
After a days thought on the movie, we all agree here that we really liked it. I liked the fact that it is geared toward younger vampire lovers yet there is a story and humor that the adults can laugh and get as well without being bored. My son is hoping the movie does well so he can see the second book done as a movie too. I hope he has that chance. And again my reading list has grown by more books.


  1. thanks for thew review..I want to see this movie too.

  2. Thanks for that review. The film has not been advertised here in the UK and, whilst I've read lots about the book, I've yet to read it myself.
    Only 13 people in the cinema? Sadly this seems all too common. I feel so sad and guilty that we now tend to see more films on DVD then we do at the pictures. Sad because, to me, theres nothing like the big screen experience and guilty to think that I'm amongst the growing population who watch the DVD rather than go to the pictures.

  3. Julie - This movie is good. We enjoyed it together as a family and my son was not scared by the vampires here. I do hope you get to see it.

    Petty Witter - You know I have to say we are not big movie theater people either. We are able to get there once in a while but mostly we wait for them to come out on DVD anymore. The price is usually to high to go and if you go in the evening you have to fight your way through all the teenagers. So sadly to say we do the same. I do like to go once in a while though.

  4. Hi Sheila - Hope you had a great trip. I hope you do get the chance to go see this movie. I think you may enjoy it as well.


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