Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday's Beginnings (11)

This is the beginning of a new week!

So, I am wondering:

Where you are in your books or are you starting a new book for the new week? The beginning of the week always seems to be a great time to start anew. To me it seems to be the way Monday goes is a sign of how the week will follow. Have you been able to get much reading time in today? Or are you going to be rushed all week to get everything into the short 24 hour day?

I am still adding numerous books to my reading list. This week I think I have picked up TWELVE books. Yes, Twelve! It is hard to believe. I do have to say much of my Christmas list this year is going to consist of books, which you all have contributed to. So thank you all! This is still a wonderous thing! You are all helping to keep me out of trouble and these wonderful authors in work. I am kind of trying to make notes of books to read but the must, must reads are on the top of the list (that is what list these books are on).

I have not finished any books this past week. That is okay, I am currently reading two books. They both are takeing a lot of attention for me to follow the plots and mysteries of the scheming. But, I am within 30 pages of finishing one of them then hope to finishe the second one later this week.

Well, for me today: The current books I am reading are (there on my right sidebar) Avempartha by Michael Sullivan and Canticle by Ken Scholes. These both are the second books in their series. I am still taking lots of notes and really reading closely. Canticle is for my discussion board over at Barnes and Nobles and Avempartha is for my pleasure. I have been reading some this evening after dinner and some cleaning got done. I plan on finishing Avempartha this evening as I am to a point I don't want to put it down. I had to force myself to stop long enough to come to the blog here to do this post. So I will be returning to my book here shortly to finish.

Now... this leaves us with one question left... Where are you?


  1. I finished The Road and Elsewhere...have yet to post reviews! That nasty procrastinator inside coming out again!

    I started reading a book for my history of England before 1700 class. It's about childhood it medieval Enland/London. My book review/essay is due by Monday...eek! I also started New Moon. Have to read it before the movie on the 20th...wooooo hoooo!

  2. Hey Mel,

    I am about 95,000 words in -- but I hit a major tangle in my story and have to go back and do some significant to unravel it before I can wrap things up.

  3. I have a few books waiting in the on-deck circle for me, but I committed to the NaNoWriMo comp, so my normal "reading time" has at the moment been converted into "writing time". If I can somehow wrest my schedule so that I write early in the morning, I may reinstate my evening read time. I can't write with a ruckus in the house, so that means either early morning or late evening...

    Anyway, the books I have calling my name are fantasy, mostly (as has been my custom this year), but there are a few Tom Clancy tomes whispering for me to re-read them... we'll see...

  4. Just finished reading Violin by Anne Rice which I just didn't get for some reason or other.

    Today I started to read The Embers Of Heaven by Alma Alexander - only a few chapters in but I think I'm going to enjoy this one.

  5. Hi Michelle- That history of England class sounds interesting. Hate to mention this but I have not read any of the Twilight series at all. I will probably get there some day, but not yet.

    Hi Deb- So you are doing the NaNoWriMo... Good luck! Wow you have gotten far so fast in your writing. That is wonderful.

    Hello David- I would have to lose my reading time in order to do the writing as well. I have a rough time writing with everything going on around the house. My best time for my stories is when everyone is in bed and it is calm and dark, that is when the brain takes on a new life of its own. Best of luck to you and I am sure the books will still be calling your name in a month, just maybe louder;)

    Helli Petty Witter - I have heard wonderous things of Anne Rice. I bet that book was really good. I don't know if I have heard of The Embers of Heaven before. The title kind of sounds familiar but I am not sure if it sounds like something else or if it is this book. I will have to look into it.

    Well, happy reading or writing to all!


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