Thursday, November 12, 2009

Balderdash (12)

Word Verification Balderdash
is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books.
This is very easy to do.
If you comment on blogs you can do this too.

Write down all the word verifications you get while posting comments on other peoples blogs.
You then play Balderdash with them.

In case you don't know how to play, you take the made up word and come up with an authentic sounding definition for it.

Do this for a week and then post your best or favorite ones every Thursday.

Here are mine for this week:
nuread - is what is called a new book you are reading, the book is considered this for about the first 70 pages.
thert - to toss loosely to the side when you are done with something, either tired or relaxly done with it.
Inari - the name of the beautiful and wispy goddess of air.
Demultri - the name of the Devils grandson who seems to look like he is 29 years old for the last 20 years, who is always out and about at the bars having fun like a young, dangerous child who can not die.


  1. These are great Melissa! Inari is a great word and I love that it is the Goddess of Air! :)

    nuread is excellent as well - a word I could use frequently :)

  2. Inari is a beautiful name. Too bad I will never have a daughter.

  3. Demultri - I've come across a fair few of these types in my time.

  4. Sheila - Glad you liked the name Inari. I think I really like it and will keep it in my writing journal for a future story. Goddess of air was the first that came to my mind with the name.

    Ryan - The word as a name has grown on me since I came across it. I really like it to. I am going to store this one in my writing journal for later. Never know...

    Petty Witter - I think there are many Demultri around the word. Or maybe he is the same person just visiting everywhere? That is a thought. lol.

  5. Apparently, Inari is also a Japanese goddess with an affinity for fried tofu (I'm not kidding).

    I like the idea of your wispy goddess better, though.

  6. I think I am going to worship Inari. I think I met Demultri in my younger years. Great words!

  7. Great job this week! Love nuread! And like Bookmagic, pretty sure I met Demultri in college. *L*

  8. La Coccinelle - Wow! I never knew that. Honest! After I read your post I looked up the definition of the word. And there it was...popular god of rice and crops; often symbolized as a fox AND aburage Fried tofu pouches prepared by cooking in sweet cooking sake, shoyu, and water and filled with vinegared rice and vegetables. That is wild! I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks for the information!

  9. Deb - we always need a goddess for air ~ especially when it is hot, I need air flow. lol.

    Alexia - Boy, that Demultri really gets around ~ Petty Witter, Bookmagic, now you. We are going to have to do something about him. lol.

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by!

  10. Demulti sounds like something out of Twilight... :)

    I have an award for you - stop by when you have time :)


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