Saturday, September 22, 2012

UF Book Chat 31 ~ Schedule

We have our next book scheduled to start chatting next week.  And this one is a bit bitter sweet for us.  We have been loving this series something hard, and this is the last book.  Yet, we are so excited to get to it!

So on to what the next book and schedule is

Sirantha Jax #6
By:  Ann Aguirre
Regret nothing. 

Sirantha Jax has the J-gene, which permits her to “jump” faster-than-light ships through grimspace. She loves nothing more than that rush, but the star roads have to wait…

Her final mission takes her to La’heng, a planet subjugated during first contact. Since then, the La’hengrin homeworld has been occupied by foreign conquerors.

All that’s about to change.

Now, as part of a grassroots resistance, Jax means to liberate the La’hengrin. But political intrigue and guerrilla warfare are new to her, and this will be the most dangerous game she’s ever played—spies and conspiracies, a war of weapons and hearts, and not everyone is guaranteed to make it out alive...

This one we are doing in two weeks as well.  I don't know if I can contain myself for three weeks with this ending.
Stop 1 ~ September 27, 2012 ~ End of Chapter 29
Stop 2 ~ October 4, 2012 ~ End of book

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  1. Haven't read this book yet but keeping my eyes peeled should this book becomes available in the cheap secondhand market :)


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