Thursday, September 6, 2012

UF Book Chat (30) Schedule

We continue on with a series we have been loving thus far, so now that this book is out it's expected we would continue to dive in.

Our next chat will be on:

Soul Trade
By:  Caitlin Kittridge
The crow-mage Jack Winter returns —to crash a secret gathering of ghost hunters, soul stealers, and other uninvited guests, both dead and alive… Normally, Pete Caldecott stays far away from magical secret societies. But ever since her partner and boyfriend Jack Winter stopped a primordial demon from ripping into our world, every ghost, demon, and mage in London has been wide awake—and hungry.  And the magical society in question needs their help putting things right.


It all begins with an invitation.  Five pale figures surround Pete in the cemetery to “cordially” invite her to a gathering of the Prometheus Club. Pete’s never heard of them, but Jack has—and he’s not thrilled about it. Especially the part that says, “Attend or die.” The Prometheans wouldn’t come to London unless something big’s about to go down. So Pete and Jack decide to play it safe and make nice with the club—even if that means facing down an army of demons in the process.  But now that they’ve joined the group, they’re about to discover that membership comes at a cost…and has apocalyptic consequences.

This book we are doing in 2 weeks instead of 3, as we have a few books we want to get through in the next 2 months.  Ones we've been waiting to be released.

September 13, 2012 ~ Stop at 152pg ~ End of Chapter 14 and Part 1
September 20, 2012 ~ End of Book


  1. Looks great! Have fun reading this book. :)

  2. Oh I've been wanting to read this one. I'm going to have to join in one of these days.

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) hope you get to reading it soon, and it would be great to have you join us in the chats. :) Thank you!

  3. I'm still not at this one but maybe we will have the same books to read lol.

    1. Melliane, that's okay. And if you get to it and want to stop, the posts are always up so you can comment any time. :) Thank you.


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