Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thoughts on: Avalon Revisited ~ Chapters 8-10

Avalon Revisited

By:  O.M. Grey

Genre:  Victorian Vampire Steampunk Romance

Chapter:  8 & 9

Format:  Podcast, 28:18 minutes

Book Synopsis:
Arthur has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery.  Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into Arthur's shriveled heart.  Together they try to solve the mystery of several horrendous murders on the dark streets of London.  Cultures clash and pressures rise in this sexy Steampunk Romance.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Chapter 8:
Arthur returns home by way of cutting through the park, thinking of Avalon all the while.  Arthur feels alive with life for the love he feels for Avalon, even climbing a tree.

Arthur is full of thoughts of Avalon, and has felt his life take a new turn after all these hundreds of years thinking of this one woman.  But now that he knows she's a vampire hunter, he decides to study up on the human believe in regards to vampires.

He's got a new list of things to do:
   1) Prove he's not a vampire to the vampire hunter
   2) Find the real murderer
   3) Woo the lady, who happens to be a vampire hunter

Chapter 9:
Arthur awakes to the headlines of another high profile vampire killing, Lord Walter.  Arthur studies up, receives his invite to tea with Avalon, which he responds requesting dinner, and Emily Bainsbridge approves tea with Arthur.

We learn more of vampires and the myths of humans in this chapter.  Nice to see the lines are drawn and where our vampire rules are.  Arthur really has a wonderful way of reading mannerisms of these he comes across.  I guess after three hundred plus years, one would get great at reading people.  We do learn more about Avalon from Emily in her visit for...tea.  Wow!  Emily is rather forward.  lol.  We learn of her marrage to a man twenty years her senior, and she does surprise Arthur in her...forwardness.  That seems hard to do, but she does well in distracting him.

I really like when the author speaks the dialect of the characters she possesses the words in the personality of each characters way and attitude.


Chapter:  10

Format:  Podcast, 35:52

My Thoughts and Summary:
Arthur meets Avalon for their formal dinner.  We get to know Avalon and Arthur a little more then walk her home after a few drinks.  Just to meet Victor as well.

We seem to have our potential couple on a first name bases now.

Arthur explains his interest in vampires and that he's an orphan thanks to them and witnessed it.  We learn of Avalon being an 'orphan' as well.  Arthur starts to cover his tracks here and explains of a rare condition to explain his pale skin and why he wears gloves all ways.  An allergy.

We also learn a bit about Victor, Avalon's tenant.  He's a tinker in a sense and Arthur leads Avalon right to showing him the very device he was trying to avoid.  It's a rather neat little contraption, but is broken.  Arthur walks Avalon home, and is invited in, and meets Victor.  Here we get to see more steampunk-ish items which Victor has created.

Arthur is approved as a human, and is allowed to join Avalon and Victor on their hunt tonight.

We learn the latest victim Arthur just heard about, Lord Walter, is the husband of his very own kill at the beginning.  I'm very curious as to why the husband was killed.  And the attacks are happening in the same vicinity  around Arthur's home!  I'm wondering why so close to Arthur's home.  Does it happen to be related to Arthur some how?  Make him look guilty or revenge?

If you would like to listen, or read, this story you can find it in many places:
   Free Listening:
On O.M. Grey's blog Caught in the Cogs, she has chapter by chapter coming up on her blog weekly as it's a new listen.
iTunes the story is up weekly for free listening.
You can purchase the Print or Nook book at Barnes & Nobles.
You can purchase a Print or Kindle version at Amazon.
Or if you need in a different ebook format, you can find on Smashwords as well.

I'm listening to this story for my own enjoyment.


Blodeuedd said...

You must have such a good time listening to these :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Hm... I have the Penny Dreadfuls on my ipod because of you. I may have to add these as well...

Cherry said...

I will wait until this book gets available in audible UK...

Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads said...

I gotta go back to your other posts to see what you think of this book from chp one. It sounds good.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh Blodeuedd, I really do. :) Thank you!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Tee hee hee, Melissa (B&T) so glad to hear you have the Penny Dreadfuls now. ;D And I do hope you get to read or listen to this book. :) Thank you!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Cherry, that is great to hear. :) Hope it comes soon! :) Thank you!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Jennifer Bielman, I really do think you would love this book, whether by listen or read. :) Thank you!