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Book Review: Shadows Before the Sun

Shadows Before the Sun

By:  Kelly Gay

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Publish Date:  July 31, 2012

Format:  Paperback, 334pgs, Pocket book size

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  4th book in Charlie Madigan series; 1st Book ~ The Better Part of Darkness, 2nd Book ~ The Darkest Edge of Dawn, 3rd Book ~ The Hour of Dust and Ashes

Recommendation:  Oh Yes!  Charlie wrecks destruction and fights through a hell like a champ in a world that looks like heaven.  And you HAVE to know what happens to Hank!

Book Synopsis:
Elysia may be heavenly off-world destination, but beyond it, in the siren city of Fiallan, the Circe have punished Charlie Madigan's partner, Hank, into a torturous state between life and death.  With all the proper legal channels cleared, Charlie heads to Elysia, not knowing what she'll find, or if she'll ever see the siren again...while at home, jinn crime boss Grigori Tennin has begun an all-out hunt for the divine being Ahkneri.  Tennin's tactics set off a chain reaction that puts Charlie in the cross hairs of the shadowy creature known as Death, and stirs Ahkneri from her long sleep -- and if Vengeance awakes, Atlanta will never be the same.

First Sentence:
His muscles tensed, going rock hard as the whip sliced through the air with a long, brutal sigh.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
We start with a Prologue where Hank is being whipped with a special barbed whip for escaping the Circe witches years ago, and learns he is the last of his family line.

Rex and Charlie are on their way to look at a dead body in the Nymph territory.  Rex, being of a special decent, will help identify if a jinn was present at the scene as the Druid King says he saw.  The First One, Ahkneri, may not be as safe as Charlie had thought.  This case that could cause a deadly war between two enemies, all the day before she heads to Fiallan in Elysia to rescue Hank, her siren partner.  Charlie finds The Federation Representatives sent to find and start Hanks release have returned when she comes back to the office, and not with pleasant news.  Hanks not in any of the towers and the Circe claim to have executed him as the traitor they saw him as.  Charlie doesn't believe it and is still given the time off with approved passes, to go to Fiallan to see for herself and get closure.  Along the way Charlie finds Sandra, the Oracle, waiting for her and her fate is to join Charlie, to help her.  Charlie and Sandra enter the heaven of Elysia knowing what torment lays hidden in the beauty of which is only skin deep.

Dark comes to mind first.  Kelley has taken us on a dark path through the beautiful world.  I LOVE it!  The treatment in this one is pure torturous to the characters.  I love seeing Elysia and the Sirens.  Elysia looks like heaven on the outside, but to charlie, the inside is anything but.

The beginning takes us right into the current story, the murder case of a nymph with Jinn involved (and maybe Sidhe warriors too) and the issues with Hank.  But there are brief mentions of important pieces to help refresh what sparks my memories.  I know this all will tie together, but left curious about the nymph murder.

The family element is still present.  Although not as much, as Charlie is in Elysia hunting for Hank, but when she is home, it is there and strong.  Charlies daughter with Brim the hellhound and Rex make me smile with the fun craziness between them.  Such family love.

I feel I get more of different races here, once again with visiting another world this expands easily for us the cultures.  Slowly we learn more about the Djinn and Sirens, and even of those in Elysia more so with being there.  Their weaknesses and in depth with djinn as well as with Rex now.  I really like this in the books.  Kelley has thoroughly thought out her worlds.

With each book I enjoy this series more and more.  Kelley has left a few things open in the end that makes me curious to see what she will bring to us next.  There is something else to come, and I want to know who or what it is.  What fight will Charlie fight with her friends at her side?  What is Leander and what does he know of what's to come?  Who is the mysterious being after the First One?

Yes, this is a series I truly will keep an eye on.

I read this book for my own enjoyment.


  1. Another author I haven't come across before - or at least not that I can remember. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, alas I have to admit that I'd be put off by that first sentence.

    1. Oh Petty Witter, this series is getting better and better with each book. Hope you get to look into it. I had a hard time typing that first sentence too. Thank you!

  2. It was great :D And to see him so...oh I can't spoil for others but you know

    1. Blodeuedd, hee hee. Oh yes! I loved Hank in that special place. ;D Really great read with action and all.

  3. YESSSSSS! I loved this one too!! GAH! Where can I get a hellhound... and a Hank? LOL

    This series rocks SO hard!!

    1. LOL! Melissa (B&T) the pool. *dreamy sigh* Oh I would love to visit there with him. ;D LOL!

      Thank you!!

  4. I am so so behind on this excellent series! Fab review, Melissa! :)

    1. Oh Kara-Karina, Do hope you get to get caught up on this one. I think each book gets better and better with the series and world. :) Hope you enjoy them.

  5. Yay! I really love this series and I hope we'll have many more books. thanks for the great review Melissa it was a pleasure to read it.

    1. Oh it's a series well work loving Melliane! :D And thank you! So glad you enjoyed the review. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Cherry, I wouldn't say cliffhanger more as unfinished business. You don't die for the next book, but you want to know about a few details. :)


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