Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thoughts On: Avalon Revisited ~ Ch 5, 6 & 7

Avalon Revisited

By:  O.M. Grey

Genre:  Victorian Vampire Steampunk Romance

Chapter:  5

Format:  Podcast, 22:50 minutes

Book Synopsis:
Arthur has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery.  Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into Arthur's shriveled heart.  Together they try to solve the mystery of several horrendous murders on the dark streets of London.  Cultures clash and pressures rise in this sexy Steampunk Romance.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Arthur declares his love...to his butler, for Avalon.  Arthur then reminisces about how love isn't fun.  But Arthur is intrigued with the challenge of Avalon.  Arthur heads out for his hunger, thinking on Avalon but heads to a secret brothel which has the chamber of horrors.

We learn Arthur loved his Catherine deeply, and even after all she said and did in his death, still loved her.  But now he is quite serious of his love for Avalon.  We get to see Avalon in his eyes; strong woman.

We see Arthur is a vampire with morals...in such.  He likes his women of the thirties or older range, no virgins for him.  I actually like this.  Even though he uses women for two things, he chooses ones older.  We see Arthur in the brothel with a woman, and see that he doesn't always use his teeth to draw blood.  But in using an instrument, he tells the woman and doesn't wreck major damage to her body.


Chapter:  6 & 7 (part 1)

Format:  Podcast, 20:32

My Thoughts and Summary:
Chapter 6
Arthur wakes to a rather cross Cecil, his butler.  When he looks at the newspaper the headlines are of "A Vampire Strikes Again."  A whore in the chamber of horrors is found dead by way of her throat ripped out and superficial wounds on her back....

Now this is an eye opener.  Interesting to hear the very woman Arthur saw the night before is now dead, and she was very much alive when he left her.  This is a mystery!

I like that we are getting into a mystery now.  So who killed the woman?  Why the same victim as he saw?  Who against him and followed him?  Is it a vampire after him or as the throat was "ripped out" is it someone else?  There was no mention of vampire teeth marks.

Chapter 7
Cecil is not answering Arthur's calls for him.  He claims he had to run to get biscuits for Nicholas and Arthur's tea.  Nicholas shows and tea begins.  However, Nicholas seems to have noticed Arthur was with the woman at Pemberton's party that ended up dead, and has heard the story of the whore dead in the very chamber Arthur likes to visit.  Knowing Arthur is a night owl, he questions if Arthur is of the guilty party.

I'm now very curious about Cecil.  This chapter makes me suspicious of his loyalty and doings.  He ran out for biscuits which they seem to always be stocked of, flush when he returns (like he was running?).  Then when Nicholas and Arthur eat them, they are stale?  Hmm, makes me wonder about this man.

I learn that Nicholas is not a vampire, although Arthur does ponder the thought if he would change him and be able to stand the man for eternity.  But Nicholas is a ruthless man when it comes to the ladies, young ladies at that.

Arthur is curious about the dead woman from his previous night, and heads back to the brothel.


Chapter:  7 (part 2)

Format:  Podcast, 19:08

My Thoughts and Summary:
Police still line the alley entrance to the brothel.  Arthur ducks into an alley across from it, smells a sweet scent he recognizes, and bumps into a man.  Then sees a smaller man...no, that littler man is...Avalon!  Avalon and Victor are undercover, hunting the vampire that's out killing.

This is it, we learn that Avalon is a vampire hunter!  We see she thinks Arthur is rather young, as he was turned so young he might be able to pass as twenties, but he is much older than that in reality.  Avalon believes vampires do most definitely exist, and she is on the look out for them.

Arthur, now seeing Avalon the love of his life, has lost interest in the death at the brothel and follows Avalon and her partner, Victor, by way of rooftops to their destination of a house.  Arthur positions himself to hear what Victor and Avalon talk about.  It seems Avalon is a landlady, and this is her building.  Victor suspects that Arthur might be a vampire, even the vampire they are looking for.  Victor wants Avalon to set up a meeting to test him, with a new device ~ a Vampire Detector.

This new character, Victor, brings to me wonder what he is to Avalon, as we get a feeling for what he wants Avalon to be.  The device Victor has created seems interesting with the workings of gears and reflection of different light along with his theory behind vampires and their reflections.  Arthur thinks it might be possible the little device might work, based on the light reflection, so he will have to find a way to stay away from it.

At this point, I'm curious if Avalon would even see fit to more deeper of a relationship with Arthur.  I'm curious to see how this would unfold.

If you would like to listen, or read, this story you can find it in many places:
   Free Listening:
On O.M. Grey's blog Caught in the Cogs, she has chapter by chapter coming up on her blog weekly as it's a new listen.
iTunes the story is up weekly for free listening.
You can purchase the Print or Nook book at Barnes & Nobles.
You can purchase a Print or Kindle version at Amazon.
Or if you need in a different ebook format, you can find on Smashwords as well.


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I hope you get to try this in a book or listening format. :)

Thank you!