Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie Review: Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons

Released:  2009

Rated:  PG-13

Recommendation:  Yes, for a twist on a faith to create a wonderful mystery in symbols, gets you thinking.

Following the murder of a physicist, Father Silvano Bentivoglio, a symbolist, Robert Langdon, and a scientist, Vittoria Vetra, are on an adventure involving a secret brotherhood, the Illuminati.  Clues lead them all around the Vatican, including the four altars of science, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  An assassin, working for the Illuminati, has captured four cardinals, and murders each, painfully.  Robert and Vittoria also are searching for a new very destructive weapon that could kill millions.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Robert Langdon is back, called to help for his expertise in symbols and the Catholic history.  Robert has asked access a few times to the Catholic special library, to finish his books, but denied.  Now the Catholic Church asks his help, with a secret group, the Illuminati, who seem to have a mission in mind with the help of a scientific project that has made a huge break through that could help them in this thinking.

I'm not going to compare this one to the first one.  They are different cases, just with the same main investigator.  No, Robert is not an investigator, but I like the feel of a case and solving.  He is investigating a case, just solving it with secreted symbols and clues.

I am not a big person of religion, actually it kind of turns me off of a movie or book.  Unless it's done in a way I don't feel like I'm being preached to, and these movies feel that way to me.  The Catholic order has a long history, and the connections in it are there to make it one to dig around and make thoughts pop out in any direction.  I like that.  A twisted way of thinking, and gets me thinking right with it.  No, I did not come away feeling as the Catholic order had been wronged.

The scenery was lovely.  I felt like I got a view of statues and sites I will probably never get to visit, which was lovely.  And a view on history, though twisted to an angle.  I like it.

There was a very good bit of action to this as well.  Robert is figuring out the clues just a tad bit late in the time frame given, so we on on the chase most of the book.  And the action is always going as well.  Kept me wondering if he was going to get ahead of the "player" or not.  Very well done.

My husband even watched this one with me, and that is a major feat as if had religion in it - he's worse than me on the "turned away from religion" themes.  But he enjoyed it and the angle of the mystery as well.

We both enjoyed this one very much.

I really should read these books.  I have The Lost Symbol at home, and do one day want to read it.


  1. I liked this one too, just a fun movie. Of course, I knew what was coming, since I had read the book first. I'm planning on reading The Lost Symbol next month, I hope.

  2. Not as boring as that dreadfully boring first movie, but still meh

  3. I loved watching Angels and Demons - mostly for the setting. Rome looks sinister and spectacular at the same time. That albino monk is scary though...

  4. I didn't like the first book. My dad loved it, but I had to correct so many wrong historical facts it wasn't funny. So, the first one failed for me. I would have liked it if the facts were correct so it would enhance the mystery. Oh well.. so this one wasn't on my watch list. I'm glad you did enjoy this one. Maybe one day I'll try to watch it. Just don't watch it with me or I'll be correcting things until you stuff something in my mouth! LOL (oh and no, I'm not Catholic just a curious person)

  5. Carol - Oh, I hadn't read the books yet. I do think about it...some day. :) Glad to hear you enjoyed this one as well.

    Blodeuedd - Truth be told, I don't really remember much of the first one. I liked it, but now I don't remember it. Hmm, wonder what that says about it. ;)

    StephanieD - Oh we were taken with the scenery too. Rome was just amazing. Oh and the albino munk. hee hee.

    Melissa (Books&Things) - see, we don't know much of the history. Interesting to hear that. We might have to watch it together so you can teach me. ;) Thank you!!

  6. I hate Dan Brown books and I am not interested by the movies, based on them. However, I do admit that movies might be better just because they show you some special locations you would never bee able to see, even as an ordinary tourist visiting Rome.

  7. I'm not a lot into this kinf of books, I only read one author I enjoyed. So when I watched the first movie I didn't like it at all, so I didn't try this one. Maybe I was wrong now I saw your review but I still don't know if I'll give it a try.

  8. Anachronist - I knew there were a lot of people out there that didn't like the books, or didn't like the movies. I've not read the books, and the movies are different to me, so I like them for the enjoyment of something to watch. I wouldn't go to the theater to pay all that money to see them, but just to relax with when nothing else on tv. :) Thank you for stopping by!!

    Melliane - This genre of books is not my genre either, I've not read the books and usually I get bored easily with these books. Sorry to hear you didn't like the first movie. I understand. Not all books and movies are for everyone. :) And that is okay. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  9. I enjoyed this movie and loved the novel even more. So glad you enjoyed it.

  10. This movie is soooo good. I really enjoyed watching it. Great review of it. ;)


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