Monday, January 23, 2012

What do you think?

My little blog here has really grown since I first started it.  I started just to record what I've enjoyed about book, to help me remember, and to come across others out there that enjoy the same books as I do.  For fun.  That's what reading is right?  For us, it should be fun, something we enjoy.

Well, the blog has grown and taken on a whole world of it's own.  And I love it.  This is where I start to get to my point...

I was thinking of putting the feelers out to see about bringing on another reviewer.  Someone who enjoys the same taste in books and hopefully reviews in a similar fashion.  But I want to ask you all what you think?  In doing this should I stop doing any of the meme's I do?
  • Monday's Beginnings
  • Teaser Tuesday
  • Who? What? Where? Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Looking Forward Too... Friday
  • Flash Fiction Friday
  • Just for Thought ~ Occasionally done

Should I make the blog more book geared and less personally geared?  Would you like more reviews to show up or do you like the smaller feel with me around more?

I do want to get some time in on my train-wreck-book here, and start with other ideas that are swimming around.  And the help would be greatly appreciated.

Any concerns you would have to me doing this?  Any ideas to let me know what you would like to see or not like to see?

I know this sounds crazy, me asking you.  But if you think about it, you have become a big part of me enjoying the blog, so I want to know more of what you would like to see, and what you would think of a few changes.

I know I enjoy the small blogs, and sometimes when they start to expand I start to lose track because there is to much information coming from them.  Please let me know what you think.  I'm not looking to grow to a huge blog, but maybe just a little help around the edges. ;)

Thank you!  I look forward to your thoughts.


  1. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? That's understandable, especially with a full other life and your manuscript calling for your attention. Do you think that you need to scale back on your blogging? With that being said, I come to your blog because I like your personality and the friendly, intimate feel of your reviews. But if you need help and can get it, why not? I'll visit no matter what!

  2. Loaded questions there, eh? Well, one of the things I love most about your blog is the personal touch--I don't feel like I'm reading a cold forum or amazon board, but going on a journey with someone who loves books as much as I do. And it would be fun to get the same out of a new person on board--a friend, rather than just a cold reviewer. Plus, more books to squee over is never a bad thing, right?


  3. Another vote for enjoying the personality you inject into your posts! And I love your Flash Fiction Fridays!

    Maybe you could talk to a few other bloggers who have taken on associate reviewers? I've noticed several have put out the call or just taken someone on recently, but of course I can't think of any names off the top of my head. *oops*

    Whatever you decide, wishing you nothing but the best! :)

  4. Stephanie, Lori,

    thank you both. :) I like coming here and being more personable rather than just a book blog. I like this is, in a way, My World. ;D I don't want to lose that feeling or touch. That is in part my ponderings.

    I have thought about trying to find help, but don't want to lose the me here.

    I'm glad I posted this as it helps me see what everyone enjoys when they stop. So I'm glad there is a little bit of me in the posts and reviews. :)

    I think I'm just going to keep with the way things are at the time, and if I come across someone that can help, maybe I'll bring them on. But I really like the feel I get when everone visits. :)

    Thank you for commenting. I just needed a few friends to stop by and talk it out with me. :) No one around home really knows, cares? or understands. After all the time I've spent with everyone here to create this little space, it feels weird to bring on another person. Maybe if the right time and right person comes along. :)

  5. Alexia - Thank you! :) I'm glad you took the time to comment. It's one of those topics I think fellow bloggers understand more than chatting about at home with my family. I have thought about it, but it seemed okay yet not. I really like the little world I have created here, and the time I've spent establishing myself. I think I'll wait on it longer. Not that I'll say never, but I don't think I'm quite ready to add someone on yet. At least to let go of that piece of the blog yet, that's why I started it in the beginning. :)

    Thank you!! And so glad you enjoy the Flash Fictions and personal touches. :)

  6. I can't tell you what to do, only you can do what you want to do :) So whatever you feel like doing do it, cos else it will perhaps change and not you will not feel like it is your blog anymore

  7. I would never have gotten to know your sweet self had it not been for your personal touch.

    But... if you're feeling overwhelmed or it's taking time away from your family etc... you need to do what's right for you.

    Never doubt that this blog is soley 'yours' though! Your personality shines through and that's the reason it has grown.

    I love your meme's and think the W,W and W that you developed is awesome.

    So, I guess it's really up to you, my darlin'! Nobody wants to see you frazzled or unhappy nor do I want to see your blog losing it's 'Melissanish', LOL!

    Big Hugs and I'll support whatever decision you make :o]

  8. You know... I don't regret taking on others, but really, I need to learn to say no. Now, I'm a bit burned out, but am doing it much more slowly right now.

    So, just think about where you want the blog to go. I enjoy you as it is and who you are. As long as you give me a HEA in your stories at least once in a while, I'm good. ;)

  9. Blodeuedd - Thank you. I'm glad you stopped to comment. This is one of those things I want to talk out with someone and well, family don't really know much about it like my friendly blogger neighbors. :) I'm afraid of it changing to much and not being me anymore if I do add someone. I'm going to just slow back down again I think. :)

    Kristi The Book Faery - Awww, thank you! I'm glad to hear that. I never really noticed I put that much personality into my stuff here. :) And so glad you enjoy the posts. And I like that word "Melissanish" lol Thank you! I'm not unhappy at all, I just thought about sharing, but I'm starting to think I'm not good at the sharing thing. ;D Thank you!

    Melissa Books&Things - I think the "no" word is my troubles as well. I've been using a lot lately, and feel bad about it. But not saying it got me to where I am with these books. (Not that I'm complaining, just feeling bad) I think I like where I am. If people stop or not, I'm okay with that. I just wish I could share so many great new books with so many more people too, but I know I can't tell everyone no matter how much I want to. :) And only once in a while you'll get the HEA. ;D lol. I guess I can't quite the Flash Fiction posts then, huh? ;) Thank you!

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  11. I have to say that a large part of the reason that I visit certain blogs, such as yours, regularly, is because of the bloggers themselves. I have enjoyed getting to know you through your posts and I like to check back here and see what you're doing and what you're reading, and I wouldn't feel quite as interested reading someone else's reviews here. With that said, if you do feel like you could use the extra help in maintaining your blog, which can be pretty time consuming, then you should do what you need to.

  12. Simcha - Thank you. That is really the reason I wanted to check in with everyone. I enjoy visiting the individual blogs, yes there are a few with 2 bloggers working together and it works lovely for them. But I like the personal touch to a blog. But I wanted to try and share more too. It was one of those thoughts I wanted to chat about with everyone. The family don't understand what I'm thinking as they dont blog, but I thought others out here would. And I'm getting the answers I was looking for, and pretty much how I feel too. I'm going to stick to solo. ;) At least for now. If it becomes to much, then we'll see. But I like what I'm doing and not going anywhere. I just might take a day off here and there more often now, just to read or work on my stories. :) Thank you!!

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